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Chatty Cats: Head Bonks, Priorities and More!

The cats survived while Ross and I were away for a few days. Phew! Upon our return, we started a short staycation, which has been nice, too. A big thank you to our cat sitter! Hope you had a nice week and something fun planned for the weekend ahead. Here’s what the cats were chatting about this past week.


Woodrow: Mama, I heard you called me Dum-Dum yesterday.
Mama: Uh, that was Olive.
Woodrow: Well, you spelled it wrong. Please refer to me as Dumb-Dumb.

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Head Bonks

Sophie: Come in closer, Mama. It’s head bonking time!
Mama: Here I come…
Sophie: BONK! I love you, Mama.
Mama: I love you too, Sophie.

white cat gives head bonk


Harley: Mama, I hear you’re abandoning us tomorrow.
Mama: Well, I wouldn’t put it that way. It’s just a quick getaway.
Harley: Are you leaving the treats out while you’re gone?
Mama: Is that all you care about?
Harley: Maybe.

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The cats will be in good hands with a cat sitter who is staying at the house while we’re gone. I’m sure they will get lots of treats…so Harley has nothing to worry about.

Missing Mama

Woodrow: Where’s Mama? Who are you?
Cat Sitter: You remember me. I’ve come to visit before. I’m staying here while your parents are gone for a few days.
Woodrow: Oh, okay.
Cat Sitter: Do you want to sit with me? We can snuggle until your Mama comes home.
Woodrow: Okay, I’d like that.

worried tabby cat

Not Missing Mama

Cat Sitter: Dexter, your mama is on the phone. Want to talk to her?
Dexter: Mama who? I don’t know any mama.
Cat Sitter: So, you’re still mad at her for leaving? Is that why you’re laying in the closet on her clothes?
Dexter: No comment.

sly tabby cat

The report is that Dexter is actually being good for the cat sitter. Treats make everything better.

Welcome Home

Dexter: Oh, you’re back from your little getaway? What’d ya bring me?
Mama: A big hug and a kiss.
Dexter: I don’t want that. What else did you bring me?

grumpy tabby cat

Subtle Sophie

Mama: Whatcha thinking about, Sophie?
Sophie: About how I live such a good life. For example, my mama will bring me anything I want anytime I ask.
Mama: And what are you asking for right now?
Sophie: Oh, nothing. That was more of a subtle reminder for when I do ask.

cute white cat

Friday Bonus Chat

Sophie: Want in my box, Olive?
Olive: That’s MY box.
Sophie: Wanna play with my toy mouse?
Olive: That’s MY toy mouse.
Sophie: It appears you’re wrong on both accounts. I’m in the box, and the mouse chose me. You can either join me or leave.
Olive: I’ll never cross to the dark side. Never!

tortie cat wants in box

P.S. Here’s where we were on our little getaway.

Santa Barbara
Our walk along the beach in Santa Barbara, California.

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  1. We were gone from a weekend. Youngest cat Gracie was pure Velcro all week. She even supervises my bathroom trips. *making sure I don’t crawl out the window to leave*

  2. Such a super cute and clever post. Mom is so jealous. She and Dad went to college in Santa Barbara, and she definitely would like to go for a visit. It has been many years XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer.

  3. So you survived while your parents had a little break – just goes to show – kitties are survivors! Yeah! Having a nice cat sitter helps though doesn’t it?!

    Hugs, Teddy

  4. If you can’t keep your humans at home, nothing beats a loving cat sitter who snuggles with you (and who many have a tendency to provide more treats than The Humans do!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

  5. Poor Woodrow, you looked so worried in case your mom didn’t come back to you. I am glad the Sitter gave you snuggles.

  6. I think y’all had a good time with your cat sitter and she knew where the treats were hidden. We still don’t have internet and are working on cellular which sure isn’t easy.