white cat in catio

While the Mama’s Away…

…the cats will play? Well, let’s see. Here’s what the cats have been up to. Photo credit to the cat sitter!

You coming home soon, Mama? ~Woodrow

worried tabby cat

Stay away as long as you’d like. I’m just fine. ~Olive

tortie cat looking cute

I miss Pops. But the cat sitter gives good head scritches. ~Sophie

white cat wants pets

Catio time with Dexter helps, too. ~Sophie

two cats in catio

And…Harley is being Harley. He comes out for meals. But I’m sure the cat sitter will win him over one of these days. We’ll be back soon and all will be right again.

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  1. Oh my!! Even your cat sitter is a talented photographer! These are great and it must put your mind at ease to see how relaxed, happy and well-taken care of they are! Hope you are having fun! xoxo

  2. You all are looking happy. Your mum should be worried that you look too happy and not missing her.as much as she thought you would.

  3. I’m glad you all have each other when your humans are away. When mine are away, sometimes a boy stays in my house, but the doggie gets all of his attention. Tummy tickles.