yawning tabby cat

Chatty Cats: Smiles, Secrets and More!

It’s Friday – woohoo! This deserves a double woohoo from me because it’s my last work day before going on vacation next week. So, woohoo again! We haven’t told the cats we are leaving yet, but they’ll be in very capable kitty-caring hands. A good friend is staying at the house with them. Who knows if they’ll even want us to return! Anyway, here’s what the cats were chatting about this past week.

Party Time

Sophie: It’s Friyay!!!
Mama: Woohoo!
Sophie: Let’s party! You get the catnip and I’ll get the party hats.
#TGIF #friyay

excited cat celebrating

High Maintenance

Woodrow: Ma!!!
Mama: Yes?
Woodrow: The litter box needs scooping.
Mama: Did you call me in here just to tell me that?
Woodrow: Yes. And that I left you a stinky.

yawning tabby cat


Mama: Hey Dexter, smile!
Dexter: …
Mama: Um…perfect. 📸

goofy tabby cat "cheese!"

I Love You

Harley: Mama. Mama? Hey Mama, wake up.
Mama: Hmmm?
Harley: I love you, Mama.
Mama: I love you too, Harley.
Harley: You can go back to sleep now.
#sweetcat #mamasboy

Siamese cat with crossed blue eyes

Harley comes and sits on my pillow each morning. He is so close that his whiskers tickle my face and he stares down at me. Okay, I know, he probably just wants his breakfast, but I like to think he’s telling me that he loves me.

Sophie’s Savesies

Mama: What are you doing, Sophie? You’ve been sitting like that for hours.
Sophie: I can’t leave, Mama. Now that Harley comes downstairs more often, he keeps taking my spots!
Mama: Don’t you know how to share?
Sophie: Oh Mama, you’re so funny.

adorable white cat sleeping

Now that Harley has discovered this little hidey hole, Sophie has started sitting in it again. Naturally. 

Dexter’s Secret

Dexter: Hey Mama, I have a secret.
Mama: Oh, really? What is it?
Dexter: I can’t tell you! It’s a secret!
Mama: But you look like you really want to tell me.
Dexter: My lips are sealed. But it’s a good one. Hehe!
#topsecret #spillthebeansdexter

smiling tabby cat

Mean Mama

Mama: What’s wrong, Olive?
Olive: The Dum-Dum is back there digging through my stuff again.
Mama: His name is Woodrow.
Olive: You’re the one that nicknamed him Dum-Dum.
Mama: Oh, right. I meant it in an endearing way. Let’s just keep this between us though, okay?

cute tortie cat

Bonus Friday Blooper

From the same photo shoot as above, Olive’s face is a little blurry, but her expression says it all. She is not amused with Woodrow going through her stuff!

tortie cat blooper photo

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

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  1. Well you get to have a housesitter which means you can PRETEND you don’t know the routine around there or how many treats you’re allowed to ask for or what rooms/closets/drawers are off limits so I say PAR-TAY TIME!!!!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. That last photo of Olive is too precious! You can practically see the steam coming out of her ears, like old cartoons used to show. A friend and I are going to a fund-raiser garage sale for a local cat rescue, then a garden walk. Lunch and some tea, and it’s going to be a wonderful day! Enjoy your vacay!

  3. totally lol-ing at Dexter!!
    you reminded me that one of my former cats would wake me up by sitting so close that their whiskers would touch my face. i can’t remember who it was. probably Espressa or Moshi… they both liked to hang out on my pillows. fond, albeit partial, memory.. thanks!

  4. Psst Dexter tell me your secret, I promise I won’t tell anyone. XOXO, Rosie

    Oh, Harley is SOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE. His little crossed-eyes get me every time.

    P.S.: we have a surprise on the blog today.

  5. HA. That bonus blooper cracked us up! Olive’s expression is purrfect!

    We’re going to an outdoor art festival, and then to volunteer at PAWS today. :)

    Happy Sunday!

  6. Wowy, everpawdy had lots to say and impurr-tant things too! Yes, I do think Olive was expressing her annoyance in that last photo. Tee hee hee. Wonderful photos! Kisses.

  7. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of the whole crew. We love Sophie staying in that one spot for hours, so she doesn’t lose it. Dexter , we can tell has a good secret. That look says it all. Maybe some treats and he will spill the beans. Love all the photos. Have a great day.