Best Friends Su-Purrr Adoption

Best Friends Su-Purrr Adoption

This past weekend, Ross and I volunteered at the Best Friends Su-Purrr Adoption event in Los Angeles. It was the group’s first ever cat and kitten focused event. Best Friends hosted several NKLA Coalition Partners (rescue groups in Southern California who are part of the No-Kill Los Angeles initiative) and over 300 cats and kittens were available for adoption.

I haven’t heard the final adoption numbers yet, but while volunteering, I saw lots of people leaving with cats in carriers! It looked promising!

Michelson Found Animals Catty Wagon

When first arriving, potential adopters could find adoptable kittens before even entering the indoor event. Right outside the entrance was the Michelson Found Animals Catty Wagon. According to the Catty Wagon website: “The Catty Wagon brings adoptable kittens to you! As the first custom-built, mobile adoption vehicle created just for kittens, the Catty Wagon makes it possible for thousands of shelter kittens to find forever homes.”

The kittens inside the Catty Wagon had lots of visitors. When I left the event on the first day, half of them had already been adopted!

Catty Wagon Kittens
Some of the Catty Wagon kittens. (Don’t worry, it’s air-conditioned!)

More Cats!

Once inside, the public had plenty of cats and kittens to choose from, like these ones.

One of the rescue groups I’ve featured before on the blog, Peter Zippi Memorial Fund, was at the event along with several others – like this group (that I’d never heard of before) with an awesome name and logo! Kitt Crusaders!

I also loved that the event had super cute graphics! Super – get it? (Of course you do!)

But let’s get back to the cats. Like this chill fella just hanging out. Both my mom and a friend said he looks like a monkey. He’s definitely a cutie!

black kitten chilling at adoption event

A few more cats at the event…

And perhaps the best thing to see at an event like this…

adopted sign at adoption event

Woohoo is right!

Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles is working collaboratively with animal rescue groups, city shelters and passionate individuals who are all dedicated to the mission of making Los Angeles a no-kill city. As part of this mission, Best Friends hosts adoption and fundraising events, runs the Best Friends Pet Adoption & Spay Neuter Center in Mission Hills, and leads the NKLA initiative. Source:

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  1. My FAVORITE word at an adoption event…………….”ADOPTED!!!!!”………..happy for all those who found a home and hugs of hope to all who are still looking.

    Love, Teddy and Mom Pam

  2. Awe i like that catty wagon! Looks like the event was a success and so glad many were adopted. Now, I wonder what the Three Chatty Cats (+2) thought when the human returned with the scent of strange kitties!

  3. OH! How fantabulous! So, what did you two actually do as volunteers? Direct people, hand out flyers, clean cages, or stand there like Vanna White, “Look at these kitties! So cute, no?” I happen to excel at the Vanna White job; I have her hand gestures down, and smile like my life depends on it!

    1. Ross and I were Event Greeters. So although the event was inside, we were actually stationed outside the front entrance. It was hot but we were supplied with plenty of water and shade. And being outside allowed me to see how many people were leaving with newly adopted cats!

  4. Sounds like it was a great event. I would have wanted to adopt everyone! My house is “full” (4 cats, each with personality disorders) but I’m still keeping my eyes open for an all black male with fangs and some kind of special needs.

  5. I think I got a subliminal message from your cats. :) As soon as I opened this post, it immediately transferred over to a picture of Sophie. Have your cats been telling you “no new siblings”?