grumpy tabby cat in catio

Chatty Cats: Attacks, Toots and More!

The heat has crept back up this week. High 90s. I checked the forecast and it will be in the low 90s for the foreseeable future. How fun. In non-weather news, Ross and I are volunteering at the Best Friends Su-Purrr Adoption event this weekend in Los Angeles. It is the group’s first ever cat and kitten focused adoption event! I promised the cats we wouldn’t come home with any new friends. What are you up to this weekend?

“I said please!”

Harley: Mama, may I please have some pets?
Mama: Oh, you want pets now? Do you remember yesterday when you attacked my arm for petting you?
Harley: Yeeesssss, but that was yesterday.
#ficklefeline #isaidplease

Harley sits on this ottoman once or twice a day while I work and then jumps up onto my desk, plopping down in front of my keyboard. Yesterday, he decided he was over pets and let me know it. Um, excuse me, but you’re on MY desk, Harley!

Locked Out

Sophie: Mama, Olive locked me outside in the catio again.
Mama: Stop pouncing on her.
Sophie: I didn’t! I swear!
Mama: What did you do this time then?
Sophie: I may or may not have tooted.
#stinkysophie #smartolive

cute white cat wants inside

Proceed With Caution

Olive: I’m ready for my pedi, Mama.
Mama: Oh, you’re going to cooperate this time?
Olive: We’ll see.

beautiful tortie cat in catio

Worried Woodrow

Woodrow: (softly) Wha? Wha’d you say, Mama?
Mama: We’re out of treats.
Woodrow: (whispering) Oh no.
Mama: It’s okay. I’ll go shopping today.
Woodrow: (softly) Kay.
#noneedtoworry #sweetwoodrow

tabby cat looks worried

Carry Me

Dexter: Mama, I don’t appreciate this heat.
Mama: Come inside then.
Dexter: Will you carry me? It’s too hot to move.
Mama: Sure, but don’t tell Sophie. She’ll demand to be carried everywhere.
Dexter: I know, she’s such a baby. Now come get me!!! I’m hot!

grumpy tabby cat in catio

Toona Remedy

Sophie: Mama, help! I’ve melted!
Mama: Stop being dramatic. It’s not that hot out…yet.
Sophie: Bring toona! Toona will cure me.
Mama: The tuna will be inside in the air-conditioned house.
Sophie: Can. Not. Move. Deliver toona to catio.

adorable sleeping white cat

Sweet Tortie Alert!

Mama: Who’s the sweetest tortie around?
Olive: Is it me, Mama?
Mama: It’s you, Olive!
Olive: Aww, Mama, you’re making me blush!
#sweetolive #beauty

beautiful tortie cat

Bonus Friday Chat

Eddie: Ma, I can’t make it.
Mama: What are you doing?
Eddie: I’m trying to get to my water bowl.
Mama: You guys are so dramatic. You live in an air-conditioned house.
Eddie: Cover me in ice cubes, Ma. Ice cubes, stat!

dramatic dog too hot for bed

Hope you have a cool weekend and that your pets aren’t too dramatic.

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  1. There are two shelters in my area. Neither has any kittens. The divas and their human have been searching for over a year for a little brother to complete our family… A small, black, male could be quickly teleported this way if you find one. We already have chosen a name, François de la Rochefoucauld. ;)

  2. HAHAHA……..Teddy can be a bit dramatic but most of the time he just sits and waits until I come by wherever he is parked THEN gets dramatic asking me to follow him so he can show me whatever it is he wants/needs/thinks he must have. Drama is a cat’s middle name………..

    Hugs, Pam

  3. heh heh the Chatty cats are so melodramaticand entertaining MOL but so are the Chirpies. We actually had water restrictions which were only lifted two days ago. Finally we got lots of much needed rain, but still very hot and humid! Kitties move from AC inside, to catio then back to AC in much the same way as your kitties.

  4. Hope it cools off soon! And wow, you have a catio! Rosie is jealous!

    No big plans for us this weekend. We have a new foster kitty – which I am already afraid we might fail at. He’s a cat who acts like a dog and of course, we have Ruby who is a dog that acts like a cat. Rosie is annoyed by both of them!

  5. HIya, Eddie! And have fun volunteering; Best Friends is the BESTEST organization, and I hope all of the felines find furrever homes. As for our weekend, looks like it’s going to be fixing up the upstairs bathroom, so I can get my tub back online ASAP.

  6. You are all such cuties. Nice nails Olive :) And I would have delivered the tuna to the catio. XO