Silly Faced Wednesday

I thought you might want a dose of silly to help get you over hump day. So, here are some silly cats to help with that. Happy Wednesday!

“Is it Friday yet?” ~Sophie

silly white cat

“Gah! It’s only Wednesday?!?” ~Harley

goofy Siamese cat

“Chill out, guys. Wednesday ain’t so bad.” ~Woodrow

silly tabby cat

“Happy Hump Day, friends!” ~Dexter

happy tabby cat

I hope these silly faces made you smile! Wait, here’s one more…

Sophie: Mama, get me closer. I need to snap a selfie. These glasses make me look so smart!
Mama: Everyone knows how smart you are, Sophie. If by smart, you mean goofy.
Sophie: Hey!
Mama: Hurry up and take the shot. I can’t hold you all day.

Ross has an app on his phone to try out different glasses. As you can see, Sophie wanted to try it out as well.

adorable white cat with glasses taking selfie

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21 thoughts on “Silly Faced Wednesday

  1. Very nice Sophie – you do look like an intellectual with those glasses on…….but since we ALL know how brilliantly smart all cats are (well….most cats anyway), no need to wear those glasses. Love the silly faces though – Silly is a good way to be to release tension isn’t it!! I oughta know.

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. The Tribe of Five voted and wed all agreed, Olive wins the Silly Face challenge! Oliver says that she needs to practice her purrlitical face in case he decides to make another run for Purresident.
    Purrs & Head Bonks,
    Alberto & The Tribe of Five

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