Chatty Cats: Complaints, Wrestling and More!

Happy Friday! We started off the week a tad bit cooler (yay!) but also had a bit more humidity (boo!). This weekend it’s supposed to be warm again, but somehow I think the cats will manage just fine. Here’s what we were chatting about this past week.


Woodrow: Excuse me. Where’s the complaint department?
Mama: Now what?
Woodrow: This bed is lumpy.
Mama: Then get off my legs.
Woodrow: What did you just say to me? Well, I never!

perturbed tabby cat

Pro Moves

Mama: Whatcha doing, Olive?
Olive: Practicing my wrestling moves.
Mama: Looks like you defeated that pole.
Olive: I named it Sophie.
#siblingrivalry #passiveaggressive

silly tortie cat playing

Kid Sisters

Dexter: Mama, Sophie won’t hold still for her grooming.
Sophie: Boop!

two cats playing in catio


Sophie: Look Ma, I’m hiding from Monday.
Mama: You’re a cat. Monday means nothing to you.
Sophie: I think you should be focusing on how adorable I am.
Mama: You’re right. You’re super cute right now.
Sophie: I’m super cute ALWAYS, Mama! Ugh, never mind. This went sideways quickly.

Too Much Floof

Mama: Your tail is so floofy, Harley.
Harley: I know! It’s so floofy that I don’t fits! I don’t fits!!

handsome Siamese mix cat

Hurry Up

Mama: Dexter, it’s Whisker Wednesday. Should we take a photo?
Dexter: Yes. I’ll pose like this. It shows off my whiskers and looks like I’m staring off into the distance at something compelling.
Mama: What are you staring at?
Dexter: I don’t know, Mama! Something compelling! Hurry up and take the photo. I can’t pose like this all day! Geezo!

handsome tabby cat in catio

Treat Time

Woodrow: Hey Mama, is that a treat in your hand?
Mama: No.
Woodrow: Okay. Well, I think it’s treat time. Can it be treat time?
Mama: You always think it should be treat time.
Woodrow: I can’t help it, Mama. Treats love me. And I love them right back.

handsome tabby cat

Bonus Friday Blooper

This blooper shot is from the series of photos I shared on Tuesday of Woodrow. I think he was over the photo shoot!

goofy tabby cat with tongue out

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend!

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19 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Complaints, Wrestling and More!

  1. Complaint Department? That’s what Moms are for right gang? Well they also are good treat dispensers, litterbox cleaners, and snugglers but if they won’t listen to our complaints, all that good stuff simply PALES in comparison! Happy Friday…….with no complaints.

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. Nice work on that pole Olive! And Harley, I totally understand floof problems. I’m floofy, too. P.S: I love your new header. P.S.S. – the blooper made me smile. So cute.

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