The Cats in Action

Want to see the Three Chatty Cats and the Jr. Associates in action? I hope so because that’s what you’re getting today! Here are some videos of what it’s like at the Chatty Cats household. Enjoy!

Silly Sophie

I shared this on Instagram stories last week. It’s too cute not to share here. Sophie found some random debris on the floor. Do you see why we refer to her as the goofball?

The Boys

Just the boys hanging out one evening. Nothing exciting, but I consider it a minor milestone. Harley doesn’t usually hang out on the couch like this. Perhaps because Woodrow’s tail has a mind of its own. And check out Dexter watching in the background. Ah, my boys.

Eddie to the Rescue?

Harley likes to try and show the other cats that he’s in charge. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. (FYI, the true cat in charge is actually shy, quiet Dexter.) While it may look like Eddie came to Sophie’s rescue here, he didn’t. He was just moving. Eddie is actually kind of afraid of Harley and won’t walk by him. Poor fella.

So, that’s what it looks like at our house. If you missed seeing Olive, that’s true to her nature. She is a loner and hangs out by herself a lot. In a basket. Like this. :-)

tortie cat peeking from basket

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24 thoughts on “The Cats in Action

  1. olive; I totally understand; sophie; I daresay that was the best invisible mouse game EVER ~~~~~~~ hugs from dai$y =^..*= ♥♥

    doodz….. eye am com pleet lee eggz hausted…..ewe three knead ta….. slow…..down……. tuna of moon :)

    { 984 pawz up ta everee one !! }

  2. I lurve your cats. I was going to say, “especially…” but then I realized it was “especially each of them”.

    I wish I could get Beba’s “stompy feet” attacks on video but they’re usually in the middle of the night when the lights are off and we’re all trying to sleep. If AdamCat ever comes out from under the bed, I’ll get his slo-mo on vid.. he’s scared of all other cats (and of flies?!?!) and tries to walk past them so slowly that they don’t notice. It’s very funny.

    1. When Harley was still a foster cat with us, he gave Eddie a good whap on the nose and Eddie has never forgotten that! But Eddie is a big baby. He’s also afraid of flies. :-)

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