Chatty Cats: Patience, Singing and More!

Hello, friends! As many know, I post these chats on Facebook and Instagram every day. But my reach on these platforms is abysmally low, which is why I post a recap here on the blog each Friday. But for those of you who do see, like and comment on Facebook or Instagram – a big thank you to you!

I want to include a little something extra on the blog for you so that you see something new in these recap posts. So, stay tuned until the end of the post for my Friday blooper shot. :-)

I value each and every reader, lurker, commenter, follower and friend. The cats and I are very happy to be a part of this awesome cat blogging community!

Busy Sophie

Sophie: Hey, string. I don’t gots time for this. It’s Friday and I gots things to do! String, do you hear me?
Mama: What things do you have to do today, Sophie?
Sophie: Oh Mama, what does any cat have to do? Sleep, snack, sleep, eat, pounce, poo, sleep.
Mama: Sounds like a very busy day.
Sophie: I know! Which is why I don’t gots time for this string’s tomfoolery! Come here, string! There’s a chomping in your future!

goofy white cat playing with cat toy

Waiting Patiently

Mama: What do you want to do today, Dexter?
Dexter: I think I’ll just stare at the front door all day. I’m expecting a delivery.
Mama: Were you on Amazon again? What did you order?
Dexter: I guess you’ll just have to wait and see. But it rhymes with oona. A whole lotta oona.

handsome gray and white tabby cat

The Crooner

Harley: Mama, I’m trying to sleep, but Dexter won’t stop singing.
Dexter: 🎶 “Fly me to the moon” 🎶 “Let me play among the stars” 🎶
Harley: How about I buy you the one-way ticket…

Siamese cat mix

Talented Woodrow

Woodrow: Mama, I’m tired. But I’m hungry. You can just put my breakfast on my tongue. I’ll snooze-eat today.
Mama: Sounds kinda dangerous.
Woodrow: Danger is my middle name. Now where’s my breakfast?

goofy tabby cat with tongue out

Fashionista Olive

Olive: Whoa, is that what you’re wearing today, Mama?
Mama: Not anymore!
Olive: Good! Uh, I mean you look lovely today, Mama.
Mama: I’m still going to change.
Olive: Good idea.

surprised tortie cat

4th of July Plans

Harley: Mama, got any plans today?
Mama: Just relaxing and trying to stay cool in this heat. What about you?
Harley: Relaxing and looking handsome, I guess.

gorgeous Siamese mix cat with blue eyes

This handsome fella wishes everyone in the US a Happy 4th of July! This is our first 4th with Harley and we don’t know how he will react to the fireworks. Knowing him, he’ll sleep right through them. We hope everyone has a safe 4th! 

Happy Woodrow

Woodrow: It’s a beautiful day, Mama. The sun is out, the birds are chirping.
Mama: It is a pretty nice day.
Woodrow: Yep. I also conquered the red dot this morning, ate my treats…and Olive’s…and now my belly is full. Oh, and so is the litter.

handsome gray and white tabby cat

Bonus Friday Bloopers

These two shots are from when I put a necktie on Dexter. As you can see, Olive was nearby. Dexter clearly became distracted. :-)

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21 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Patience, Singing and More!

  1. Love this! And don’t worry….my Facebook crowd and activities are dismally low too. That’s why I moved most of my work to my 2 blogs. Many serious people are moving their work to blogs. Most here on WordPress. I still post on my Facebook pages…mostly updates and links to my blogs.
    Besides…this is an easier forum to work with.
    The cats have a lot to do today!😺💜
    Make sure they don’t overwork you.!😊💙😹
    Love and hugs to your funny furry bunch!💋💋💋😘💖😺🐈

  2. I haven’t FB or Instagram accounts, so I follow the fabulous five’s adventures here on WP 😊😁
    Very busy cats, very intense 4th July 😹
    Happy Caturday 🤗

  3. Great conversations! I love the look on Olive’s face (Fashionista). Love the bloopers too.

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