Give Me Da Nip!

Dexter: No teasing, Mama. Bring in da catnip!

tabby cat wants catnip

Dexter: Don’t make me tell you twice!

tabby cat wants catnip

Mama: Back up then. Let me in.
Dexter: Look, Olive! Catnip!

two cats want catnip

Olive: Does it smell good? How’s it taste?

two cats want catnip

Dexter: Let me check!

tabby cat eating catnip

Dexter: Mama! You’re making me angry. Give me da nip…or else.

tabby cat wants catnip

Olive: That seemed like a lotta work for a little nip.

two cats eating catnipDexter: Mama better keep on her toes. That’s all I’m saying…

For those in the US, we hope you have a Happy 4th of July! And if you haven’t yet, enter our giveaway that ends next Wednesday.

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UPDATE: I guess I should clarify that I know this is cat grass. :-) I just thought “nip” sounded more fun than grass! Apparently not. Hehe. :-) Here’s the cat grass that I grew for the kitties. They definitely enjoy it.

cat grass

25 thoughts on “Give Me Da Nip!

    1. Haha, I know! Don’t tell Dexter! 😹 He’ll be so disappointed. Nip just has such a better ring to it than grass!

  1. Is that a special kind of catnip. you two? Because it looks like grass (which is also delicious). :)

    Happy Independence Day, sweet friends! Let freedom ring!

  2. Nip or grass, it makes no difference as long as you enjoyed it, and it looks like you did.

  3. That open mouth pic is awesome!!

    Thanks for the 4th wishes. My hope is that the neighborhood bomber (homemade mortar shells) slows down is work tonight. He won’t… but I’ll keep wishing.

  4. That doesn’t look like any nip we’ve ever seen. That looks more like grass. ‘Course, we’re always up fur a little grass. It always help when we have an upset tummy. MOL Big hugs and happy 4th.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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