Hardworking Harley

Mama: You’re so handsome, Harley.

Siamese mix cat

Harley: I know, Mama. It’s hard work, though.
Mama: Oh really? Show me how you stay lookin’ so good.
Harley: I do it like dis…

Mama: That does look like hard work. But you do it well, Harley.
Harley: Thanks. Now go away, Mama. I have more work to do.

Siamese mix cat grooming

Siamese mix cat resting

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24 thoughts on “Hardworking Harley

  1. My cats often lick my hand if i stroke them when they’re washing. The other day i decided to test their reactions if I licked them, so i stuck my tongue out and touched it against each of their paws. I regret not having my camera ready, their faces were priceless. :D

      1. Probably. Depending on whether they’re asking to be stroked or I’m just stroking them as they’re near me, I sometimes get offended looks from them, or paws patting me away so they can clean themselves again.

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