Chatty Cats: Parties, Adventures and More!

Happy Friday! We’ve made it through another week, which means we can enjoy the weekend. Right? We certainly hope so! Whatever your plans, we hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

Friyay Box Party

Sophie: Hey Mama, wanna hang out in my box today?
Mama: I think I’m a little too big for your box.
Sophie: You can squish down all small like. And I’ll scoot over to make room.
Mama: You’re so sweet, Sophie.
Sophie: Don’t forget the tuna and catnip. It’s gonna be a Friyay box party!
#partywithmama #friyay

white cat in box


Mama: Harley, what are you doing? You look so cute right now.
Harley: I’m trying something new. I saw Sophie gets lots of treats when she looks all cute and stuff. But I kind of feel like a sell-out. But I kind of also want some treats.
Sophie (from the other room): You’re not even close, Harley!

Siamese mix cat

Be Like Dad

Sophie: Look, Ma! I’m dressed up like Dad when he goes to work.
Mama: He only wears a tie to work for very important meetings.
Sophie: Well, I have a very important meeting today. His lap, me snoozing. It’s my Father’s Day present to him.
#HappyFathersDay #CatDaddiesUnite

white cat with tie

How Dare She

Woodrow: I’m mad at you, Mama.
Mama: Why?
Woodrow: Because you went off to look at other cats today.
Mama: I just toured an animal center. I didn’t bring any cats home.
Woodrow: I can still smell them on you. It’s the smell of betrayal.

gray and white tabby cat

More to come later on my tour of the awesome Helen Woodward Animal Center near San Diego!

Smart Tortie

Olive: Mama, be very quiet. I’m bird watching.
Mama: Oh yes, I see that birdie on the railing. You know it’s outside and you can’t get it, right?
Olive: A tortie can dream, Mama. And a tortie can also learn how to open the door.
Mama: What?
Olive: Nothing. Move along now.

tortie cat

Birds land on our balcony railing outside and the cats become transfixed, sometimes chattering at them. Luckily, no cat has figured out how to open the sliding glass door yet. But I bet Olive would be the one to figure it out! If she did, I’m sure the bird would fly off in an instant.

Eight Years!

Dexter: Mama, it’s my Gotcha Day and I’m so excited!
Mama: I know it is! What are you excited about?
Dexter: I’m excited to spend another eight years with you!
Mama: At least! Let’s shoot for eight-plus years!
Dexter: I like the sound of that, Mama.

gray and white tabby cat

It was Father’s Day in 2010 and we found kitten Dexter wandering the hot desert streets while visiting family in Palm Springs, California. Eight years later and he’s still a kitten to me. He’s the cat who started it all…the first of the Three Chatty Cats!

A Space Adventure

Dexter: Space Cadet Sophie, you forgot your helmet. Over.
Sophie: Oopsies!
Dexter: Is the atmosphere breathable?
Sophie: Uh, I think so.
Dexter: Good. Let’s drop off this food for our friend Simon who’s on a mission here and then let’s head back home. I saw Woodrow eyeing my spot on the sofa even though I called savesies. That boy never listens.

white cat and tabby cat space adventure

Are you fabulous felines up to anything fun this weekend? Perhaps a little catnap with a side of snooze?

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25 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Parties, Adventures and More!

    1. I did! It was my 1st attempt at being arty like that. Well, I also drew the party hats on my other post for their gotcha days. The hubby did the header art, and I wanted to try my hand at it. Result: I’m definitely no artist!!! :-)

  1. Sophie, you are just too adorable. I can’t imagine saying no to that face! You’re a hardcore lover, Woodrow – it’s not cool to have to share! We’re not surprised Olive’s a master birder (as much as once can be on the other side of the window anyway). Happy Gotcha Day, Dexter!

  2. Ha ha, Olive- do be careful with just how much you share. There certainly are some hidden talents one wouldn’t want the humans to know about.

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  4. Pawkisses for a Happy Gotcha Day, Dexter <3 The tie looks good on you, Sophie, so sweet that you booked your Dad's lap on his special day…MOL :D Loved all the chatters kitties :D Extra Pawkiss for a Happy Day :) <3

  5. dexter; dood…a most happee bee lated gotcha day two ewe; we hope yur day rocked, ya got a donut ore 3, ya stayed IN trubullz N heerz two a yeer a head filled with happeez N healtheez…. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    another awesum fryday post guyz N pleez olive…..noe burdz……trust uz on thiz one ~~~

    :) ♥♥

  6. Ooh, that box party idea sounds like fun. The Tribe will have to try it. And Olive, never give up. The Female Human hangs a bird feeder off the branches of the cedar tree that grows up to the upstairs balcony. She says it’s for our entertainment. I say it’s for our frustration. Alberto and I are constantly practicing the “rush through the Human’s legs when the slider is open” move.
    Purrs & Head Bonks,
    Oliver & The Tribe of Five

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