Cat Daddies Unite!

Sophie here! Today is the day to celebrate cat daddies! And so I’m going to do just that. How, you ask? I thought I’d share some photos of each of us with our cat dad, a.k.a. Ross. Yes, our humans are Ross and Rachel. Do you get it? I don’t.

Let me start with Dexter. Now, Dexter does love our dad, but he rarely shows it. The only picture I could find of them together is back when Dexter was a kitten! Can you believe it? He hangs out with Mama all the time, but not so much with Dad. This photo is from July 2010. It’s a little grainy because it’s so old. I’m surprised cameras even existed back when Dexter was a kitten!

gray and white tabby kitten

Next up I have Olive for you. See, here she is with Dad!

… … …

Did you miss it? It’s because I couldn’t find ANY photo of her on Dad’s lap! When I say that Olive isn’t a lap cat, I mean she ISN’T a lap cat.

Moving right along, here’s Dad with Woodrow. Woodrow is the biggest lap cat of us all. Not just because he’s the actual biggest, but because he spends the most time in laps. I think he’s giving Mama the stink eye for waking him up for a photo.

gray and white tabby cat

And this photo of Woodrow and Dad is just too cute not to share. It’s not the greatest quality (Dad tried to take a selfie), but it shows just how comfortable Woodrow gets when on a lap (or a belly).

gray and white tabby cat sleeping

Harley, he’s no lap cat either. He will occasionally lay on Mama when she’s in bed, but he’s not into laps. So this is the best I could do for Harley and Dad. This shot is actually from when he was still a foster cat, not a Jr. Associate yet. Another attempt at a selfie by Dad. I think Harley is saying, “Help me!” Teehee.

Siamese mix cat

And that just leaves me! I love, love, love my dad. I even prefer laying with him over Mama! I’ll lay on Dad’s chest and try to groom his beard. He stops me by kissing me on the nose. It’s pretty cute and Mama goes “awwww” every time. I really just want to clean his beard, though. I’ve never seen him groom it himself. Gross!

Here we are having a “blue eye off” with each other. Dad has really blue eyes, but I guess not compared to mine!

white cat with cat dad

Can’t you just tell how much my dad loves me?

white cat with cat dad

He’s a great cat dad. Dare I say, the greatest? I’m pretty sure every cat feels that way about their dad. But mine really is the greatest. It’s something that Olive and I actually agree on!

white cat with cat dad

Everyone here wishes all of the wonderful cat daddies out there a Happy Father’s Day!

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26 thoughts on “Cat Daddies Unite!

  1. Those are such great pictures of the Dad with the cats. Love the one with the big eyes. He sure looks like a great cat daddy and Happy Father’s day to him.

  2. Great photos Sophie…’s a day to celebrate our Dads alright. I think it’s rather nice of you trying to clean out your Dad’s beard and mustache for him – I bet there are some nice snacks in there (hahahahahaha). Seriously, I bet they groom YOU so you’re just returning the favor right? Cat tongues make great combs. I hope that your Dad and ALL of you have a wonderful day of celebrating Dads – past AND present……..

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. Thank you for sharing! Cat dads are so wonderful. Ours will avoid a vacation because he’s so worried about “his” cats!!! But if you ask him if he likes us he’ll say no way! We love Dad!

  4. What great pics with your cat daddy! We wish him…and all the other cat daddies…a very Happy Cat Daddy Day!

    (pee ess…we don’t get the Ross and Rachel thing…but the mom does. She wants to know if they were ever on a break.)

    1. Haha, no we’ve never been on a break! College, then married, and we haven’t looked back since!

  5. Yep, the Mr. Ross sure looks like an amazing cat dad to me! I think the camera likes him too. Like you, I clean my Dad’s face – mostly his nose, ’cause, well, it gets kind of oily. ICK! What would our Dad’s do without us?!

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