Sunday Selfies from Our Catio!

Sophie here! Guess what? Mama had a catio installed this past week! If you needed to find any of us cats, that’s likely where we were. Well, except for Harley. I heard him grumbling something about too many cats in the catio. I wonder if that’s like too many cooks in the kitchen.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to take our selfies out there for today. First up is Dexter! He’s so handsome, isn’t he? Here he is standing on one of the shelves that Mr. Catio Man installed.

gray and white tabby cat in catio

Next, I guess I’ll let Olive have her selfie. She’s giving those shelves a sniff check. You can see our entrance to the catio from the house below her. The catio is situated behind our house next to our back fence.

tortie cat in catio

And here’s Woodrow inspecting the catio roof. Mama insisted on a roof for a couple of reasons. One, to protect us from the rain that never falls in Southern California. And two, to protect us from the sun. As you know, I’m a white cat and Mama’s worried about my ears getting sunburned. You can see in this photo that Mr. Catio Man takes great care in his work and even carved the wood so the roof would sit tight. No escaping for us! The catio is just over six feet tall, and Mr. Catio Man installed shelves all over and in different heights, which is how Woodrow got to the top.

gray and white tabby cat in catio

What’s that Woodrow? Fine, I’ll share a better seflie of you. Here you go! Mama put down an outdoor rug for us. The catio is in our back patio area that has pavers as the ground. But she thought we might like to lounge on a rug. I think it was more for her comfort than ours Yes, she gets in it, too!

gray and white tabby cat in catio

And then there’s me! I like to go out in the catio in the morning sun. Don’t tell Mama that the sun found my ears. I heard her say something about sunscreen. Most of the time I hang out in the shade, but I had to go exploring a little bit, right? Get a better view of all the critters?

Since the catio has been installed, I’ve already eaten a big black spider and threw it up (don’t worry, I’m okay), brought a lizard tail inside (it kept moving after it detached!) and killed a cockroach in the catio. So much fun! Although Mama doesn’t seem to agree.

white cat in catio

Look! I even got Mama to take a selfie with me! Mama and the Pops like to hang out with us in the catio. It’s not very big, but I guess we can let them in as well. The entry fee for humans is catnip!

woman and white cat

And now I’ll leave you today with a little video of Woodrow enjoying his breakfast in bed. Well, he’s actually chomping on some nip in a box. But you know what I mean.

Hope you kitties are having a wonderful Sunday! You know I am!

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29 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies from Our Catio!

  1. Oh what a nice catio!!! Did it come in a kit or did your Mom design it?? It looks really nice! Does your access door into the house close or have a flap??? Inquiring minds MUST KNOW! HAHAHAHAHA You all look very happy to have some new outside sniffy space!

    Love, Teddy

    1. We had a catio guy come out and measure and build it to fit our space! The access door has two thick rubber flaps, one on the inside of the house and one in the catio. Helps with insulation, I guess. And we can lock it from inside as well with an insert that slides and locks in place. I think it’s PetSafe brand. It was easy to install — the hubby did it himself! Hopefully the next homeowners want a cat door in their dining room wall! :-)

  2. Pawsome! We love your new catio, sweet friends, and really enjoyed your video. :)

    Way to charge the humans admission — catnip. Brilliant!

      1. insider tip: I was once advised to cover cat nip plants with a birdcage frame… keeps the kitties (including strays) from sleeping on the plants and/or digging them up. I picked up a used cage at a yard sale.

  3. Such a nice catio! I’ve considered one but my backyard is just too small and I’d have to pass through to do laundry.
    My blind cat likes to lay in the sun and I’ve seen light sunburns on her ears. I’m worried about the long-term consequences of that!

  4. You are such lucky cats to have a catio now! We would love to have one…but there’s no room here. Rats! We love your selfies.

  5. What a great catio you have now, kitties and we like that your peeps like to hang out there with you too…I would too ;) Great Selfies as always, especially the one with the mama, very sweet <3 Pawkisses for a wonderful week ahead :) <3

  6. That’s a great catio, and wonderful selfies of you kitties too! Angel has white tips on her ears, and we too are careful how much sunshine she gets through the windows.

    1. I tested our house windows with this thing that’s meant for testing car windows against UV light. Our house windows are pretty safe, so I’ve never worried about her lounging inside against a window. We have newer windows, though. I don’t know if older windows would protect them very well.

    1. Yes, they’re allowed out at night. The catio is in our completely fenced in back patio area, so there isn’t any wildlife around. Just lizards and bugs!

  7. We’re so jealous!!! We’re so glad the five … err … four chatty cats are enjoying the catio. We bet Harley will come around eventually … and then he’ll be the kitty you can’t get to come in ;) Thank you for the tour, Sophie!

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