Three Chatty Cats and the Jr. Associates

Well, it’s that time! What time is that, you ask? Time to give the ol’ blog a refresh! As readers know, I had three cats when I first started this blog – hence Three Chatty Cats.

However, we’ve since adopted two cats, so we now have five cats in the house. I decided it was finally time to give Woodrow and Harley their due on the blog.

Three Chatty Cats old header
The old blog header.

With the recent addition of the cats’ weekly chats on the blog, I wanted something fun and whimsical for the blog header – and the old black and white version just didn’t fit anymore. While it served its purpose for a while, it only showed the three original cats, and I was also getting tired of the B&W since it didn’t really match anything else on the blog.

So, I turned to my awesome-town husband to create something new. We wanted to play on the cats’ individual personalities and keep it light and fun. Here’s what we came up with…

I’d like to introduce you to Three Chatty Cats and the Jr. Associates!

Three Chatty Cats and the Jr. Associates
The new blog header!

More playful, right? I thought it would be fun to introduce the new look with this little one-minute video I made. Volume up to enjoy it!

Dexter – The Timid Dreamer

gray and white tabby cat in space helmet

Dexter is our shyest cat by far. He’s the first to run and hide (and stay hidden for longer than necessary), but he also loves exploring anything new in the house. Just very, very slowly. Recently, he’s shown his passion for sci-fi and space adventures. At heart, Dexter is a dreamer. Just a shy one.

Olive – The Rebel Starlet


As any good tortie should be, Olive is the lady of the house and lets everyone know it. She’s our smallest cat, but don’t let her size fool you. She has the loudest roar in the house. You don’t mess with Olive. You just don’t do it. Olive is also quite the loner, often found lounging by herself in a sunpuddle. The only one she’ll let near her is Dexter. But at the end of the day, Olive is a sweetheart and loves belly rubs. On her terms, of course.

Sophie – The Mischievous Goofball

white cat zapping bugs

Sophie is a beautiful cat. But more often than not, she has a goofy look on her face. And not only that, she’s actually doing something goofy. Whether it’s getting her head stuck in a Kleenex box or getting stuck between the sliding glass door and screen door, Sophie is our resident goofball. But she’s also quite mischievous. It’s easy to blame something on Sophie because most of the time, that would be accurate. She steals straws and hair ties, stalks and pounces on Olive, and just generally seeks out trouble.

Woodrow – The Lovable Dum-Dum

gray and white tabby cat dreaming of fish

Oh, Woodrow. What can we say about Woodrow (our first foster fail)? He’s just so sweet and lovable, but he’s kind of a dum-dum. A lot of that has to do with his expression. He has a dazed look on his face much of the time. He looks lost or confused sometimes. Woodrow has the sweetest little meow that he chirps when Ross comes home from work. He loves sitting on our laps and being pet. Definitely lovable. Just a tad dim.

Harley – The Hangry Curmudgeon


Harley, our second foster fail, is the oldest cat in the house. And he fills that role well. He doesn’t meow – he grumbles. Like, seriously, he grumbles. He’ll be walking down the hall grumbling to himself. He comes into the bedroom in the morning and grumbles. He uses the litter box, then grumbles. The other thing about Harley – he comes running at mealtime, pounding down the stairs (he’s not light on his feet). He whaps anyone in his way and goes to the front of the line. Harley definitely subscribes to age before beauty.

And there you have it!

So, Three Chatty Cats has become Three Chatty Cats and the Jr. Associates. (Of course, Harley grumbled his displeasure at being a Jr. Associate.) We’ve added more colors to play around with, and I can’t wait to incorporate the new look and feel into upcoming posts!

A ginormous thank you to my hubby Ross for creating the new header. Not only that, thank you to Ross for being an idea generator when I’m running on empty and for always proofing posts and making suggestions. As Olive would say, you’re #fab.

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65 thoughts on “Three Chatty Cats and the Jr. Associates

  1. That is a wonderful video and a great explanation of all the cats. Well done. Love the pictures and the new header is just the best. Have a fine day.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it’s a lot to keep straight. I only have five! Some bloggers have so many more than that!

    1. He does! :-) It’s just a gentle reminder to the youngsters that he should be fed first. No real fighting though.

    1. Thank you! Color credit definitely goes to the hubby. My only guidance was to keep some shade of the green and purple that I’d already been using on my blog. And yes, of course it’s the tortie rebel! :-)

  2. Oh we love the video AND the new header……..and of course we love ALL of the cats in spite of or because of their adorable purrrrsonalities. The thing about cats really is that they have DISTINCT personalities. We love following their adventures and having you as our friends too!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom

    1. Thank you! I had fun with the video. And the hubby liked playing around with the header. Agreed, cats really do have their own distinct personalities!! All of our five are so different. Hugs to you and Teddy!

    1. Aww, thanks guys! I had a lot of fun with the moovee (getting back to my film school days!). I’ll pass along the compliments on the header to the hubby!

  3. The video is hilarious 😂
    The cats are super-adorable 😻
    Bravo Ross! Those hubbies, if they were not available they have to be invented 😜🤣
    The new header is fantastic, colourful and brilliant 💕

    1. I’m glad you liked the video! It was fun to make. I’ll pass along the compliments on the header to Ross!

  4. As darling Olive would say….”My dear…You look Fabulous!”
    And you do😻🐾! Mr. Ross deserves a big hug for the Marvelous job!
    😸😺! From my bunch to yours…Ya done good.! Can’t wait to see more!🐾💞
    Blessings and Thanks!
    🐾😺 Andrea.

  5. We LOVE your new header! Can we borrow your cat daddy? Our’s is the first to admit he knows nothing about design but he does proofread—usually badly—the blog.

    1. Thanks, CK! Haha, I’m not sure how Olive would feel about lending out her daddy. Perhaps if you bribe her with treats.

    1. I’m so happy you stopped by! Glad you liked the video, too! It was fun to make. Just saw your gorgeous photo of Georgia, even if she didn’t think she looked good.

  6. Oh my cat! I am loving this! The colours go so well with what you’re trying to express. Lighthearted fun with kitties. The video is just superb. I can see you had so much fun putting this together.
    You’re lucky you have your husband’s great talents and input. My husband Kevin just says, yeah it looks okay. Lol

    I also only had 5 Cats initially and then hubby decided to adopt more! I’m also in the process of putting their profiles together in a meet the Chirpies section.

    Overall you and Ross have done a great job!!

    1. Thank you, Yas! Yes, I loved making the video. And I am truly lucky to have Ross as a secret weapon. You don’t need a secret weapon with all the talent you have!!!

  7. Looks good awnty Rachel. Your hubby did a great job. And of course the kitties all look gawjus. We’re not sure ’bout dum dum, but that’s just us. We think he looks intelligent and a bit dashing. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    1. Thanks, Lexy and Lola! I’m glad you like it. Your mom just likes to focus on writing wonderful content, and she’s very talented at that!

  8. hmmm…can Mom L borrow hubby Ross? I’ll pay for his brain time with my raw chik-hen, but I’ll keep my kibble snacks so’s I don’t starve. Seriously, we know our bloggy needs a make over big time. #booooooorrrrrinnnnggggg

    1. Raw chicken probably won’t cut it (he’s a vegetarian). :-) I sat on our blog refresh for too long. But I’m glad I finally did it! And I think your header looks great!

  9. That was a great video and the header is really great! You’re husband is very talented. I liked getting to know your furbabies too.

    1. Thank you! I had fun making the video, and I’m really happy with how the header turned out.

  10. Aww, I love this! Your new header is super cute. :) As was the video; loved Sophie’s few seconds of showing how much of a goofball she is!

  11. Your video is so fabulous, I love it! It perfectly portrays each of your cats’ personalities. I’m glad you’ve introduced us to all 5 of them, they are all special.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  12. OMC OMC OMC!! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!! May I borrow your husband please???!! He did a most pawesome job and that video is just ADORABLE!!! Love the colors in your header. Oh and if I were a kitty I would be Harley MOL!!!! Just fabulous!

  13. Jr. Associates made me snort, a little snort, but enjoyable nonetheless. This re-branding is pretty cute and you could keep extending the idea. I’m sure Harley looks forward to the day he makes full partner!

  14. I’m gonna comment about something what is my expertise; I absolutely love the way you implemented the great color scheme. I love the colors, how they work together and how you used them.

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