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Chatty Cats: Nip Nanners, Batman and More!

It’s Friday, friyay! Funny story. For last week’s chat roundup, I inserted a chat that never happened. For some of the photos, I start with one chat and it changes direction. That happened with one for Woodrow last week, and then I copied and pasted the chat I never used on social media into the blog post. Ross, the hubby, read the post and was like, “What is this? I don’t remember this one?” Oops! And I had even titled it Memory Loss in the post. Too true, I guess. It’s now updated to the correct chat that Woodrow and I had about him eating all the foods. All. The. Foods. :-)

Now, onto this week’s chats! Happy Friday!

Not Cute Harley

Mama: Hi Harley, you’re looking very cute today.
Harley: Harrumph! I am stately. That white fluff ball is cute.
Mama: Did you just compliment Sophie?
Harley: I most certainly did not! Cute is not a compliment. It’s a sign of weakness. Do you see me crawling all over you asking for pets? Purring up a storm and kneading into your lap?
Mama: Actually, yes.
Harley: You were awake? Drat! I’ve been found out! How about a cute stately then?

Siamese mix cat

Cool Under Pressure

Olive: Hey Dexter, I told Woodrow there’s a giant nip nanner toy in the garage, and then I closed the door on him. He’s been in there for hours. Mama doesn’t kno–Oh hey, Mama. You look very pretty today.
Mama: And you don’t look suspicious at all.
Dexter: Smooth, Olive, smooth.

tortie cat and gray and white tabby cat

Mean Sophie

Sophie: Look Ma, I’m Woodrow!
Mama: What?
Sophie: I saw his blog post today of selfies. This is my Woodrow impression. “Where’s da button? Iz dis framed okay? What about mah other side?”
Mama: Do I need to pull out the head-stuck-in-a-box photo of you?
Sophie: Never mind. He looked great. What a handsome fella.

white cat with blue eyes

Superhero Cat

Harley: 🎶 Na na na na na na na na 🎶
Mama: What are you doing, Harley?
Harley: (gruff) I’m Batman.
Mama: Funny.
Harley: (gruffer) Batman’s not funny. Batman’s hungry. Alfred, bring me the bat-tuna.
Mama: Right away, Master Bruce.

Siamese mix cat

“It Wasn’t Me”

Sophie: Mama, how much do you love me?
Mama: I love you very much, Sophie.
Sophie: To the moon and back? Across the universe and throughout the entire solar system?
Mama: I do!
Sophie: Good. Please remember that when you go upstairs to your office. Someone made a mess. I’m not sure who. And btw, I love you, Mama.
#troublemakersophie #lifewithcats

white cat

A Hard Day for Harley

Mama: You’re being such a good boy, Harley.
Harley: Thank you, Mama. But wait…what’s that lady in the white coat doing with a thermometer?
Mama: Hmmm…I think we’ll get to the bottom of that real soon.

Siamese mix cat at vet

Harley went in for an exam and his vaccines yesterday. He poo’d in his carrier during the car ride over. First time he’s done that since coming home with us to foster care back in November. Poor guy! And poor me smelling it in the car. Luckily we live less than 2 miles away from our cat-only vet clinic. Last night, he slept the ENTIRE night next to me on the bed – from the time I got into bed until I got up this morning. First time he’s ever done that. I guess he really had a hard day yesterday. Not only did he get a shot and have his nails trimmed (which required two vet techs), he also had to have three small mats shaved off behind his right ear. Can’t even tell, though. He’s still my handsome Harley.

Catio or Catnip?

Woodrow: Mama, I want to go outside.
Mama: Well, guess who’s getting a C-A-T-I-O?
Woodrow: Catnip?!? Where? I want some!
Mama: Catio, Woodrow, not catnip
Woodrow: That’s great, Mama. But now I can’t stop thinking about catnip.
#catnipobsessed #catcantspell #TBT

gray and white tabby cat

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  1. We cats have a whole lot to say if you just take time to engage us in a conversation! You may or may not like the direction it takes but we CAN talk right gang?? Right!

    Hugs and Ha Ha’s, Teddy

  2. Some more Friday fun. My vet can’t trim my claws. I throw an asthma attack. I think Sophie is becoming my favorite. TW used to tell Nicky she’s loved him more than life itself. She never told me that.