white cat and gray tabby cat cuddling

Chatty Cats: Casserole, Gifts and More!

TGIF, amiright? As I gathered this week’s chats, I realized that Dexter was quite chatty. He’s the shyest of our cats, but I guess he just had a lot to say. Happy Friday, friends!

Office Cat

Mama: You’re up and at ‘em early for a Friday, Dexter.
Dexter: Off to work! The commute is going to be a nightmare. There’s already a traffic jam on the freeway.
Mama: I hope you don’t stay too late at the office. We’re having tuna casserole for dinner.
Dexter: Maybe I’ll just call in sick today.
#officecat #playinghooky #dexterloveshiscarrier

gray tabby cat in tie

All the Foods

Woodrow: (whispering) Mama, help. I thought it was a good idea at the time…
Mama: What was a good idea?
Woodrow: I ate all the foods. All. The. Foods.
Mama: What?!?
Woodrow: Don’t go in the pantry…
#fattycatty #happycaturday
We’ve had to Woodrow-proof the kitchen. He’s been known to tear into packages while we’re out. At least he’s kind enough to share with Eddie (the dog).

close-up of gray and white tabby cat

Becoming A Cat Mama

Dexter: Mama, tell me again about how you became my mama.
Mama: Well, it was nearly eight years ago now when we found you as a three-week-old kitten, stumbling around in the hot California desert in June. It was Father’s Day, actually – the day we found you. You had a big gash on your lip from something attacking you. And you still have that scar today.
Dexter: And you weren’t a cat mama yet?
Mama: Nope, you’re the one who started it all. The first of the Three Chatty Cats. Well, five now.
Dexter: But no more, right?
Mama: …
Dexter: Mama, I said NO MORE, RIGHT?!?
#dextersaysfiveisenough #kittendexter #happymothersday
Happy Mother’s Day from our house to yours!

gray and white tabby kitten


Mama: Smile, Harley! It’s a beautiful day.
Harley: (grumbling) Go away from me, I’m not in the mood.
Mama: Case of the Mondays?
Harley: (grumbling) Go farther away from me…
#noblueeyestoday #grump

Siamese mix cat

The Best Gift Ever

Dexter: What do you think we should get mama for her birthday?
Olive: I was thinking that my presence was enough.
Dexter: True, but she might appreciate an actual present.
Olive: Well, I did leave her a hairball in the hallway.
Dexter: Me too! We’re the most thoughtful cats ever.
#greatmindsthinkalike #personalizedgifts #giftsfromcats

tortie cat and gray and white tabby cat

Is That Cat Okay?

Dexter: Mama, Mama! There’s a cat in this box! I think maybe he’s hurt!
Mama: Why?
Dexter: I’ve been grooming him for an hour and he’s not responding.
Mama: Don’t worry, there’s no cat in there. It’s just a box.
Dexter: Phew! I was thinking I may need to up my “if I fits, I sits” game.
#catladygifts #presentsfromfriends #concerneddexter

gray and white tabby cat

Sibling Love

Dexter: Sophie, remember when mama sat you down and talked to you about personal space?
Sophie: Yeeeessss, tell me more.
Dexter: (sigh) Never mind.
Sophie: I love you, Dexter.
#supportiveolderbrother #cluelesslittlesister

white cat and gray tabby cat cuddling

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