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Chatty Cats: Vacooms, Negotiations and More!

Happy Friday, feline friends! We hope you had a wonderful week. Here’s what we’ve been chatting about this past week.

Friend or Foe?

Harley: What is dat?
Mama: It’s okay, Harley. You got this!

Our most recent addition and a #fosterfail, Harley still takes a cautious approach to most everything in the house. But when he discovers it’s nothing to be afraid of, he moves on or just ignores it. Harley continues to open up more and more every day, and he doles out the ol’ whappy paw quite frequently (mostly around mealtimes). Poor Eddie (our dog) walks a big arc around Harley if he needs to go by him. Harley prefers spending his time with me (mama) vs. the other cats. But I have seen him get pretty close to Woodrow on the bed several times. Can’t call it a snuggle, but they don’t mind sleeping next to each other at night. Overall, Harley has settled in nicely and is now just another Chatty Cat. He’s actually one of the more vocal ones (again, mostly around mealtimes). And that’s our Friday update for you! What do your kitties think of the vacoom monster? Friend or foe?

Master Negotiator

Woodrow: So you’re telling me all I need to do is cuddle snuggles for 20 minutes with you, nail trims without squirming and leave Olive alone after breakfast? Then I can get two tunas a day, my own nip nanner and exclusive rights to the sofa scratcher?
Mama: Yes.
Woodrow: Deal. Let’s shake on it.

gray and white tabby cat

Executive Kitty

Sophie: Look, Ma! I’ve got on my Sunday best.
Mama: Where are you headed?
Sophie: To the top!
Mama: Of what?
Sophie: The cat tree, of course.

white cat in bow tie


Woodrow: Mama, is it safe to come out yet?
Mama: Safe from what?
Woodrow: From Monday.
Mama: Yes, Monday is almost over.
Woodrow: Come and get me when it is over. Please and thank you.
#politecathatesmondays #howisthatcomfortable

gray and white tabby cat

Failed Compliments

Mama: Well, someone is looking tortilicious today.
Olive: Well, someone is looking humalicious today as well.
Mama: Huh?
Olive: Never mind. Let’s agree to never use that word again.
#tortietuesday #madeupwordsarefun

tortie cat on cat tree

Comfy Cozy

Mama: You two look comfy.
Sophie: Yep, I’m super dee-duperty comfy!
Dexter: No comment.
#snugglesonarainyday #goodbrother

gray tabby cat and white cat

Tips Welcome

Harley: Mama, I noticed you don’t have any photos of me on this shelf yet.
Mama: And?
Harley: And so I thought I’d be a living statue.
Mama: You’re gonna get hungry up there.
Harley: (trying not to blink…whispering) Mama, statues don’t eat. Must. Be. Still.
#statuecat #determinedharley

Siamese mix cat on shelf

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  1. Such a fun post today gang and how cool you have a vacuum robot, ours runs every day and it’s the one vacuum none of us mind. Have a grand weekend!

  2. Harley is so beautiful!
    I don’t have a robot vacuum. My two both don’t seem to mind the hoover though. McLaren doesn’t like the hair drier, but Laser is happy to sit in the room with that too! She’s a strange one.

    1. I haven’t used a hair dryer in front of Harley yet, but I think he might be able to handle it. He’s fine with the handheld vac! :-)

  3. I LOVE these Chatty Cat posts! I couldn’t help but “aww” at the picture of Sophie and Dexter snuggling. With the two new cats, maybe Olive is more preoccupied and Sophie gets a bit of a break?

  4. Harley is superb 😍
    Three of my masters of mischief have no problem with vacuum, no fear, no reaction. But old Jones is scared to death by it!
    Those chatty cats are fantastic 😂😻
    Happy Weekend

  5. This is so much fun, you guys! We especially loved Olive’s “let’s agree never to use that word again,” conversation. Mostly because we use made up words with Gracie and Ava all the time. :)

  6. Oh we HATE the vacuum monster and do you know, the Humans have not one but TWO of them, So a feline is never safe, upstairs or downstairs. Oh the inhumanity, the torture. The only thing more frightening is the Female Human’s sneezes, but that’s another story.
    Purrs & Head Bonks – Felines in Solidarity Against the Vacuum Monster.
    Oliver and The Tribe of Five

  7. So happy for Harley that he is part of your Chatty Cats family! You have such be-au-ti-ful fur babies and your photos always show them off so well.

  8. I’m loving these updates and seeing them in my FB newsfeed. The 3ChattyCats are funny and entertaining. Not all our kitties are scared of the vacoom but some run and hide like the house is on fire! mol
    And Olive has a point, if the humans can make up silly names for the kitties, then surely the kitties can do the same! heh heh