white kitten at animal shelter

A Day with Cats!

Yesterday, Ross and I spent a fun-filled day with several different cats. We started off the day at America’s Family Pet Expo at the Orange County Fair Grounds.

America's Family Pet Expo

Billed as the world’s largest pet and pet products expo, there’s definitely plenty to see – and of course lots of cats, both of the adoptable and show variety.

adoptable cat at America's Family Pet Expo
Waiting to be adopted.

Ricky the Rescue Cat

The highlight of the day for me was meeting Ricky the Rescue Cat from Lucy Pet Products. We happened upon Ricky right as he was getting ready to take a drive (his ammonia patrol duties) with his mom Doc Halligan.

blank and white cat driving car
“BEEP, BEEP! Move it or lose it, buster!”
blank and white cat driving car
“Treats, mama! Now!”
black and white cat photo op
Photo op with Ricky. He was handing out high-fives to his fans.

Moon Cat Cafe

After hanging out with Ricky, Ross and I headed over to Moon Cat Cafe, the first ever mobile cat cafe. They were spending the weekend at the expo, letting visitors play with adoptable cats. I’d featured the cafe before but hadn’t visited or met owner Janet Pao in person. While we were there, they had cats for adoption from The Cat Cove (all were adopted!). Later in the afternoon, they would be hosting adoptable cats from Zoey’s Place.

I couldn’t leave the cafe without purchasing some adorable cat merchandise. Moon Cat Cafe features handcrafted items from both local and global independent artists. Here’s what I bought.

Moon Cat Cafe Items
Wooden cat coaster and two cat-themed pins.

OC Animal Care

After leaving the pet expo, we decided to stop by our county’s animal shelter. We’re hoping to foster for them and wanted to chat with the staff and visit with the cats.

Turns out the shelter was having a Spring Fling event and all of the kittens had been adopted by the time we arrived.

white kitten at animal shelter

The shelter is brand new and had their grand opening last month, which we attended. I noticed that about half of the cat kennels were empty, so I asked if all the cats had been transferred over yet from their old facility. The answer was yes, so it’s great to see they’re not currently at max capacity and that lots of cats and kittens are being adopted.

wall of cat kennels at animal shelter

There are four or five private rooms with cat kennels, and there are also a few community cat rooms. The shelter also has catios so the cats can get some fresh air. It really is a beautiful facility. And the dogs are housed far away, so you can’t hear them at all when visiting with the cats.

Enjoy this short video of an adorable (and adopted) white kitten with heterochromia eyes.

Back Home

When we finally got home yesterday afternoon, I had to show the cats what I bought for them, whether they wanted to see it or not. Sophie was kind enough to model this bow tie. She said, give me some chin scritches and I’ll do it. Done and done!

Is there a pet expo in your area?

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  1. I would have walked out with cats! Sounds like a wonderful shelter. I wish they were all so nice and clean. One of our local shelters smells really bad in the main areas. When you go into the cat rooms, it doesn’t smell. I don’t know why that is but I’m always tempted to go there with a bottle of bleach for the reception area. That white cat is wonderful as is the ginger in back of it.

  2. What a great way to spend the day! And what a beautiful facility there in Orange County. We will have to check it out the next time we visit my sister. :)

    We are hoping to go to Cat Camp next weekend!

  3. Sophie looks AMAZING in that bow tie! Ricky car is so-o very COOL! I think if I had one of those I could drive circles around the doggie at my house! Tee hee hee! I would luv to go visit a pet expo, but I don’t travel long distances. Mom says there’s a CatCon in Cali-for-NIA in August. Will you be going to that?

    1. I’ve been to CatCon twice! I’m not sure if I will be in town for the next one. But if so, I will definitely be going!