Chatty Cats: Battleships, Bedtime and More!

We’ve arrived at another Friday and the Chatty Cats are busy preparing for an exciting weekend of napping, sleeping and snoozing. There’s just too much excitement going on over here! Here’s what the cats were up to this past week.


“Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday … FRIDAY!” ~Woodrow
#TGIFcat #unimpresseddexter

two gray and white tabby cats

Sweet Sophie

Sophie: Mama, let’s curl up and do Saturday snuggles all day.
Mama: Good plan, Sophie.

sleeping white cat

An Accomplished Cat

“Sundays are for rest, relaxation and looking handsome. I think I nailed all three.” ~Humble Harley

Siamese mix cat

Battleship Sophie

PEW PEW! PEW PEW! Torpedos away! … It’s a direct hit!
#battleshipbox #sophiesavestheday

(The hubby said this video needed sound effects. I added these for the blog. The original video shared on social media is sound effectless. )

Sunshine Beauty

Mama: Hey, Olive! It’s #TortieTuesday and #TongueOutTuesday. Wanna give me your best shot? 📸
Olive: How’s this?
Mama: Perfect. Just like you are.
#impressive #beautifulolive

tortie cat yawning

How Rude!

Mama: Dexter, what did you do today?
Dexter: Um, I took a nap, had a stare-off with Woodrow…wha?!? Sophie, stop butting in!
#punintended #sorrynotsorry #bedtimewithsophie

(Our favorite comment on Instagram came from loyal reader Edie: “Photo butt bomb. 😄”)

Strange Cat

Woodrow: Mama, this is the weirdest cat I’ve ever seen. Stinkiest, too!
Mama: Even accounting for Sophie? Teehee.
Woodrow: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s not get too out of hand here! Just kidding, Dexter is way more stinky than Sophie.
#loungebuddies #eddiethedog

gray and white tabby cat and terrier mix dog

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13 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Battleships, Bedtime and More!

  1. These are fun. I’m not on IG so thank you for posting these. Butt sniffing? How primitive. I have a Sunday with Pop every week and lately I’ve been “going to work with him” when he works from home.

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