Chatty Cats: Lizards, Spaceships and More!

Happy Friday, friends! Here’s our week in review. The Chatty Cats and I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!

Making Friends

Woodrow: Can we keep him?
Mama: Ew, no!
Woodrow: But I’ve already named him.
Mama: What’s his name?
Woodrow: Lunch.
#fearlesslizard #hungrycat

Loving Harley

Mama: Why are you staring at me?
Harley: Because I love you.
Mama: You’re so sweet. I love you, too.
Harley: Now put food in mah belly.

Siamese mix cat

A (Long) Space Adventure

Mama: Whatcha doing, Dexter?
Dexter: I’m in my Star 2 Intergalactic Space Cruiser looking for distress calls from kitties in, uh, distress. The first one I came upon was on a planet inhospitable to humans. But before I landed, I saw a string off to my left, so I steered ol’ Bertha around (that’s what I call my spaceship) to go investigate the string. Turns out I’d already batted it before, so I logged it in my string journal and started to head back to the planet with the distressed cat. But then my tummy grumbled so I made a pit stop on planet Toona. They have the best grilled salmon balls in the galaxy. Served with a side of catnip. It’s to die for. Really, you must try it sometime. Now with my belly sated, it was time to head back to the planet. But oops, it was 15 minutes past my naptime. Any good pilot of a spaceship knows you can’t fly drowsy. I got in a good 5-hour snoozey. Then, it was finally time to head back to that distress call. But when I was hovering above the class H planet, my ship suddenly lost altitude. Darn Woodrow didn’t fill ‘er up after his last outing! I thought I was coming in for a crash landing, but I managed to deftly steer ol’ Bertha inside the other cat’s ship that was giving off the distress call! Turns out Simon, the cat who needed help, had run out of his backup supply of freeze-dried space kibble! The horrors! So, now I’m returning with ol’ Bertha inside of Simon’s ship, a Star 5 Cruiser. I’m gonna gas up my ship, reprimand Woodrow, return Simon’s ship to him and bring back extra freeze-dried space kibble. Simon is on a top-secret mission and he’s looking for new recruits. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone. Tell Olive not to take my spot by the window. And remind Sophie to groom behind her ears. She’s a terrible groomer.
Mama: … … Um, I need that basket when you’re done.
#spacecatdexter #mamasarenofun

tabby cat in basket

Poor Olive

Mama: What’s wrong, Olive?
Olive: Mama, do I look like an obnoxious, air-headed, klutzy, spoiled, stinky, classless, trash-eating ball of fur?
Mama: Uh, no. Why?
Olive: Daddy just called me Sophie.
#burrrrrn #hewillnotbeforgiven

tortie cat

Innocent, I tell ya!

Sophie: It wasn’t me, Mama.
Mama: What wasn’t you?
Sophie: Oh…um…nevermind.
#blueeyedtroublemaker #whatsmamagonnafind

white cat with blue eyes

Sleepy Woodrow

Woodrow: Mama, Sophie made fun of the way I sleep.
Mama: How do you sleep?
Woodrow: Like dis.
#demlittleteefies #lovethisboy

tabby cat


Sophie: Oh hey, Mama, whatcha doing?
Mama: What are YOU doing?
Sophie: You know…just…er…Okay, okay! I may have misjudged my girth and the size of this opening. And the fact that it leads nowhere. And the fact that you always have a camera and use it instead of helping a kitty out. Btw, I’m hungry.
#sillycat #TBT

white cat stuck between door and screen

(Sophie has to be one of the silliest and most entertaining cats around. But maybe I’m biased. This throwback photo is from April 2015.)

What have your cats done this week to make you laugh?

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15 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Lizards, Spaceships and More!

  1. Dear Olive,
    I hate to see you looking so sad but between us felines, I know you’ve got a pretty cushy gig there. And what’s with the humans and their photo obsession? The Tribe of Five can’t have a moment of privacy without the in-house paparazzi stalking us!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,
    Your furiend and former running mate – Oliver

  2. These are so much fun! I’m glad you explained what Sophie was up to in that last one, because we were wondering! :)

  3. I’m just loving these little kitty snippets, they’re hilarious and captures their purrsonalties so well! Sophie is a goofball, as we’ve determined before, like our Mr. Jack MOL

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