Chatty Cats: Plans, Goals and More!

Highlights from the Chatty Cats! I skipped posting all of their conversations last week, so I’ve selected some to share from both last week and this week. Enjoy and Happy Friday!

Sophie Gets Touchy-Feely

Sophie: Look Mama, I’s touching Woodrow!
Mama: Does he want you touching him?
Sophie: Probably not.
Mama: Then maybe you should stop.
Sophie: Maybe you should keep on walking.
#sassysophie #poorwoodrow

white cat and tabby cat

Olive’s Plan

Olive: Mama, come quick! I found the perfect box for Sophie.
Mama: That’s a suitcase.
Olive: I know. Let’s send her packing! Mwahahaha!
#eviltortie #justified #TBT

tortie cat

Friday Goals

Woodrow: Hey Dex, what’s on your Friday to-do list?
Dexter: Couch lounging.
Woodrow: Check and done.
Dexter: Exactly.
#fridaygoals #accomplished

two gray and white tabby cats

Second-Breakfast Sundays

“Is it time for my second breakfast, Ma? I’m pretty sure I was promised second-breakfast Sundays when I moved in. I have yet to see any supporting evidence of this.”
~Hangry Harley

Siamese mix cat

Jungle Cat Sophie

Sophie: The ferocious jungle cat searches high and low for her next meal.
Mama: Sophie, get off the counter.
Sophie: Although the jungle cat’s ears are finely tuned instruments, this cat listens to no human.
Mama: Sophie…now.
Sophie: (hops down) The jungle cat has decided to search low for now.

white cat on kitchen counter

Sibling Love

Sophie: I love you, Dexter.
Dexter: I love you, too. But could you get off my back?
Sophie: No.
Dexter: Okay, just checking.
#poordexter #goodbrothercat

white cat and tabby cat

What have your cats been chatting about this week?

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23 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Plans, Goals and More!

  1. firstly i find it impossible to believe that any self respecting man cat would not want Sophie touching him! (Zulu has offered his services if Sophie is in need of mancats to touch, by the way) and Olive’s plans are so much like Amarula’s –long live torites!

  2. We loved the conversations. Sophie is quite the character as is Olive. Keep it up girls and Dexter.


    PS Dexter we found was so good we had a hard time thinking he wasn’r a teddycat.


    Shoko and Jean

  3. Sophie, did you ever hear of purrsonal space? Hahaha. Dexter, good job getting your Friday goals done. Harley, you’re wasting away to nothing, I can barely see you. You definitely need second and third breakfasts.

  4. Hi Guys,
    ‘Good to hear you chatting again and Harley, I’m totally with you on the second breakfast thing. The male human (who feeds us our soft food) is always trying to deprive me of a second (or third or fourth breakfast). If those slugs don’t move fast enough to their food bowls, I say they’re fair game!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

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