Join the Fun for National High-Five Day!

Join the Fun for National High-Five Day!

Sophie here! Look what I’m doing. I’m working on my high-five skills.

white cat raising paw
Let’s see, I’m a lefty, so I should practice with my left paw.

white cat raising paw
Come on, paw, don’t fail me now!
white cat raising paw
Dang it! I missed. I better keep practicing.

So, you wanna know why I’m practicing my high-five? Because Jackson Galaxy told me to! (He and I are on a first name basis, you know. Actually, a nickname basis. I call him Jackstar and he calls me White Fury. Okay, just kidding. I actually call him Jackonator and he calls me Weird.)

April 19th is National High-Five Day

Anyway, I wanted to let all my cat friends know about a fun new contest taking place right now. It’s the Cat Pawsitive National High-Five Day Contest!

You can learn all about the contest over at and see how to enter. But here’s why it’s happening:

“To celebrate the expansion of The Jackson Galaxy Project’s transformative Cat Pawsitive program,, the Petco Foundation, and Halo® Pets are announcing the first annual Cat Pawsitive National High-Five Day Contest.”

The Contest

Let’s learn about the contest from Jackson Galaxy himself! View his video on YouTube explaining all about it!

How to Enter

Okay kitties, to sum it up, from now until April 18th, post your high-five photo or video on Facebook or Instagram – be sure to use hashtag #CatPawsitive and tag both @TheJacksonGalaxyProject and @HaloPets.

Jackson Galaxy will be judging the entries and the top five will win a donation to the shelter or rescue of their choice! Winners will be announced on April 19th – National High-Five Day! Be sure to read all of the contest details at

Not Sure How to High-Five?

Has your human not taught you how to high-five yet? That’s okay, I don’t know how to either. But have no fear, feline friends! The Jackson Galaxy Project has put together this handy-dandy instruction guide that your human can download.

So, let’s get to high-fiving and show the world that cats can do tricks, too!

Will you and your human be entering the contest?

Want to learn more about Cat Pawsitive Pro and how it benefits shelter cats? Check out our post about the clicker training program!

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  1. Hmmmm, maybe we should try this. Rosie does her own version of high five – I hold some turkey in my hand and she smacks my hand until the turkey falls on the ground.

  2. My cat high fives, but he likes to use his claws while doing it. Sophie, that was a great high five.

  3. How awesome, Sophie! You’re doing it! What a great idea! We have an idea of who might be a good candidate for learning that around here. *Oh Viola, we’ve got something new for you!*