gray and white tabby cat

Three Chatty Cats Get Chatty

This past week, I shared a photo on Facebook and Instagram every day of the week. While I do post occasionally on both platforms, I’ve never made an effort to post consistently. I know that many folks follow us strictly on Instagram. And maybe we have a follower or two who only knows us on Facebook. I’d like to engage with those people more often and really show off how chatty the Three Chatty Cats are (five cats now, but you get the idea).

I also know that some blog readers only read the blog and don’t participate in other forms of social media. And with all those pesky algorithm changes, who knows who actually ends up seeing what. So, I thought I’d share this past week’s conversations and photos here as well. Sorry if you’re getting a double dose! But who can blame me for wanting to share these sweet kitties again? I hope they give you a little giggle.


Mama: What are you doing, Woodrow?
Woodrow: I’s hiding from Monday.
Mama: I think it found you.
Woodrow: Go away, Mama. You and Monday.

gray and white tabby cat

CatConLA re-posted this photo on Instagram, which made Woodrow’s day.


Mama: What’d you do this morning, Sophie?
Sophie: Let’s see, this morning I stalk-did and pounce-did on Olive.
Mama: That’s not very nice of you.
Sophie: She deserved it.
Mama: Why?
Sophie: Because she did.
Mama: Ah, of course.

white cat sitting in basket


Mama: You’re my beautiful baby boy, Dexter.
Dexter: I’m not a baby anymore.
Mama: You’re right. You’re my beautiful mancat. Better?
Dexter: Yes. Now bring me my blankie.

gray and white tabby cat


Mama: Get that string, Olive, get it!
Olive: I gotted it! I gotted it!
#furioustortie #toofastforphotos #TBT
(A rare photo where Olive isn’t her usually composed tortie self.)

tortie cat playing with toy


Woodrow: Mama, did you capture my dazzling side?
Mama: All sides of you look good.
Woodrow: Did I say good? No, I said dazzling.
Mama: Yes, I got it.
Woodrow: Good. I can’t have my fans mistaking me for Dexter.
#dazzlingcatisnotdexter #HappyFriday

gray and white tabby cat


Sophie: Move over, Mama. Make room for the Sophie.
Mama: There’s no room for you right now.
Sophie: WHAT?!? Do my ears deceive me? No one says no to the Sophie.
Mama: Stop referring to yourself in the third person.
Sophie: The Sophie does what the Sophie wants.
Mama: Except for getting up on the bed right now.
Sophie: Touché, Mama, touché.
#mamasaidno #howdareshe

white cat


Mama: It’s a miracle! You’re on my lap, Harley!
Harley: (whispering) Don’t look at me. I’m not here.
Mama: You love me, I know it.
Harley: I can neither confirm nor deny anything.
#sundaysnuggles #firsttimelapcat
(This was the first time that Harley sat in my lap! And I have photo evidence to prove it.)

Siamese mix cat

Feel free to follow along with our conversations on Facebook and/or Instagram! We’d love to see you there.

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    1. Mr. Dexter appeared on Wednesday. But he and Woodrow look so alike, you might’ve thought he was Woodrow! :-) Happy Easter to you as well!

  1. God I haven’t been to Instagram in like 2 or 3 weeks….I don’t know how most of you post there every day I do well for a while then I fall off the wagon lol. It is a HUGE time suck!

  2. Tee Hee! We don’t have the time for much social media, but when we saw your week, we wish we did more often…alas work gets in the way.
    ♫♪♥♥♥♥♫♪Happy Easter to all you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥
    Purrs and Love
    Marv and Mom

  3. Enjoyed your conversations! So cute. All our photos are on our main computer so too much of a pain in the neck for us to post in Instagram. We have a great FB following but very few bloggers read our blog.That’s why we really appreciate your visiting us! If you cats ever figure out how this all works let us know!

  4. Those are some awesome conversations! Especially the one with Harley (um, for the record, Harley, we do not see you there on Mom’s lap. Nope, not all all).

  5. guyz….thiz chatty post ROCKS !!!!!! itz funnee :) we due knot haz facebook N stuff sew thanx for sharin heer :) N happee bee lated easturrr N we hope ya ate sum thing bee sidez……ewe noe what ~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥