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Art of Paws’ Heated Pet Mat (with giveaway)

Warmth is a wonderful feeling. And even though the Three Chatty Cats household is in sunny Southern California, there are still times in the cooler months where I can tell the cats are cold. They’re either curled up tight in a cat cave bed or they’re cuddled up to each other for warmth. So, when Art of Paws offered us their Heated Pet Mat to review, the cats were quite excited!

Today, we not only share our review of the Heated Pet Mat, but we also have a giveaway and discount code for readers!

Art of Paws Disclosure

Sophie Tests the Heated Pet Mat

Sophie insists that it’s always ladies first when it comes to trying out new products. She doesn’t care who’s in her way or if I’m ready to capture her cuteness yet with the camera. She just muscles her way through and takes over. That’s Sophie for you! But it turns out her assertiveness worked out well for her this time. She loved the Heated Pet Mat!

white cat on pet mat
“This heated pet mat is ahhhmazing, Mom!”
white cat on pet mat
“I mean…like reeeeealy amazing.”
white cat on pet mat
“I could stay here forever.”
white cat on pet mat
“Hey! Why’d you let Dexter over here?”

Dexter Takes Over the Testing

After Sophie gave her stamp of approval, Dexter kicked her off the mat. He doesn’t agree with ladies first and believes in age before beauty. But he’s really no match for Sophie’s muscle (think fast, furious and clumsy), so she generally wins out. Anyway, Dexter settled right in on the Heated Pet Mat and didn’t get up for quite some time.

gray and tabby cat on pet mat
“Sophie’s right, Mom! This mat is amazing!”
gray and tabby cat on pet mat
“It’s so soft and warm on mah toesies.”
gray and tabby cat on pet mat
“I think it’s time for a snooze.”
gray and tabby cat on pet mat
“That means get outta here!”

About the Heated Pet Mat

Art of Paws has designed a great Heated Pet Mat for their feline friends! It’s ideal for older cats who may have stiff joints. But it’s also perfect for any cat who just needs a warm spot to snuggle. I think it would be great for anyone fostering kittens as well!

The cover is removable and machine-washable. And the cord is chew-proof! You can see in the below picture the parts that make up the cord. The main cord can easily be disconnected from the adapter if needed. And the switch has a light indicator so you can tell when the mat is on.

Heated Pet Mat cord

The mat measures 23 inches x 17 inches and should fit most cats. It would even work for a small dog. Here’s Sophie getting comfy and displaying the size of the mat. Two cats would likely be able to curl up together on it, but mine didn’t want to share it with each other.

white cat on pet mat


Art of Paws has graciously allowed us to give away one Heated Pet Mat to one lucky reader! Simply enter a blog comment below and then enter the giveaway.

The giveaway is open to residents in the U.S. and U.K., 18+ years of age, except where prohibited by law. One winner will be selected randomly by Rafflecopter and contacted via email. The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the prize, and a new winner will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter. The giveaway closes on Wednesday, April 4, 2018 at 5:00pm Pacific.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Discount Code

Art of Paws has been kind enough to also offer our readers 15% off the Heated Pet Mat for the first 15 customers in the United States and also the first 15 customers in the United Kingdom. So, hurry and get your orders in! Just enter code threechattycats at checkout.

U.S. residents order here:
U.K. residents order here:

About Art of Paws

Art of Paws is a U.K. based company and currently makes cat shelves and scratching posts and perches, in addition to the Heated Pet Mat. Their four feline testers are Smudge, Paisley, Bailey and Argyle. Be sure to follow Art of Paws on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

tabby cat on pet mat

Spring has sprung. But is it still cold in your area? Would your cat love this Heated Pet Mat from Art of Paws?

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  1. Yummy would absolutely love this. At 12 I have noticed she is a little slower. And when I turn on the extra heater she will sleep right in front of it! Thankbyou for this review! 💗

  2. I had an old cat many years ago and had a mat for her. She loved it although she occasionally chewed the cord (she was a chewer). I live in the northeast and over the winter the cats pull their cat beds up to the fireplace to get some cozy. This would be a great pad for any cat. They all love it warm even in the summer.

  3. I’ve read a bunch of review of this mat and EVERYONE says it’s wonderful. Teddy is a snuggler and likes to lie on towels and fleece blankets so I think he’d LOVE this mat. PAWSOME review AND giveaway!

    Hugs, Pam

  4. My boy just turned 11 and he would like in front of the heater all day if I could afford it. These heated beds look exactly what he needs as he gets stiffness in his back legs. It would be so wonderful to win one for him and see him so comfy like Sophie and Dexter. Paws crossed.

  5. A larger size would work better for my girls — they tolerate each other but refuse to get closer that a foot or so
    when snoozing on “our bed”.

  6. I wanted one of these but TW says our condo is too small and has too few electrical outlets. Plus Pop’s bed already has 2 1/2 cat beds on it. I’m being deprived.

  7. Everyone seems to love the heated mats, and I know Flynn would have loved it. It will be a great prize for someone.

  8. Nice job on the review, kitties! And terrific photographs.
    It got “all paws up” at our house too.
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser, and Rufus the Red

  9. We have three cats. Two of them – Arata and Kotoha – are young and healthy. The third, though – Moko – is older and has health issues. She has hyperthyroidism, so it’s hard to keep weight on her, even with her medication. She gets chilled easily and will hide in the house on the cat tree rather than stay out with people when it’s cold outside. This would be amazing for her – I think Moko would stay on it wherever we put it!

  10. That looks like just the thing for up here in the north. I don’t think your giveaway extends to Canada but the pad is a wonderful addition to your household. Sophie and Dexter are priceless tryint the heated pad out for you.


  11. What a great product! I’d give this to a friend who has rescued several older cats. He’d love this! Thank you!

  12. Oh wow guys, that looks epic!! We so need one of those in our lives! MOL

    HAPPY EASTER to mew all

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox

  13. That looks SO comfy, Sophie and Dexter! And we totally concur. Gracie LOVES the one we have (we already won a giveaway, so we won’t enter this time). :)

  14. Buddy would love this he was a little kitten hopping around with a broken leg when I found him he was feral and so scared but as hubby calls him our gold plated cat cause of course with a growing kitten it was quite expensive to keep getting new casts put on cause he was growing so fast. Well now he’s my best Buddy but during weather changes his leg still aches and he limps a bit on it so this would be awesome for him. Thanks for the review will have to check on one of these .

    1. Hi Suzanne, they’re usually for sale at or Amazon, but unfortunately they’re currently sold out.