tabby cat at vet's office

Our Trip to the Vet #sundayswithsophie

Sophie here! Mom was really mean to me and Dexter last weekend. She snatched us up and whisked us off to the V-E-T! Can you believe it?

Dexter had a tiny, minuscule, practically invisible dot on his chinny chin chin. She wanted the vet to take a look and make sure it wasn’t anything serious. The verdict? Likely an ingrown hair.

tabby cat in carrier
“I don’t gots no dot on my chin!”

As for me…I have a food allergy and I occasionally get ear infections because of it (when I sneak some of my sib’s food). I was having a minor flare up and Mom was almost out of my ear drops. So, she thought it’d be a good idea to take me in, too. I heard her make the appointment earlier in the week, so I decided to really give her a reason to take me in…I stopped eating the day before!

white cat with blue eyes
“Momma, why do you do this to us?”

So, I got my ears cleaned out, was poked and prodded, a pill popped down my throat (appetite stimulant) and was sent home with more ear drops.

two cats in carriers
“Any room for me in there?”
white cat in carrier
“Move it or lose it, Dexter!”
white cat in carrier
“We’re ready to go home!”

So that’s that! Nothing great or grand happened, but it was still torture! And yes, I’m feeling fine and eating again. And my ears are all cleared up.

Sunday Selfies

Because I love him so much, I’m using these photos of me at the vet’s office in Pop’s arms for my Sunday Selfies! (My Pop is the comfiest Pop in the world!)

We’re joining The Cat on My Head for the Sunday Selfies blog hop!

Sundays with Sophie

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  1. Sophie, I’m so sorry to hear that you and Dexter were hauled to that awful place…. Mr. M was taken there a few days ago, too – he still is hissing about being violated by that thermometer. (He had a sinus infection and is still on antibiotics, though he claims that he now feels fine.)

  2. Mollie’s Vet trip is coming up. Hazel got so sick after her rabies shot that “I” have to recuperate before I take another cat there. :) It’s always exciting. The song of their people is always sung on the way over and it’s totally quiet on the way home. They should give me the tranquilizer for the trip!

  3. Egads! A trip to the vet is a disgusting place to be. Thank goodness nothing was terribly wrong. That appetite stimulant works wonders for Kali…she eats at least 2 cans of fancy feast when she gets the stimulant.


  4. Im sorry you and Dexter got taken to the dreaded v-e-t and sorry for the prodding and pill popping, but glad nothing really serious. You must have been glad to get Home.
    Yael from

  5. We were at the vet’s office too, this time with Angel. They took some of her bloods to test, because she’s getting up there in years and Da Boyz are now scaring the daylights out of her! (No, that’s not true, she’s holding her own against their onslaught!)

  6. Oh, sweet Sophie! How can one look at that face and then do those horrible things to you!?!? I bet it was less sucky with Dexter there … and Dad cuddles. We hope you both feel better soon. You really are too sweet, Miss Sophie!

  7. Why were you all scrunched into a bag together? Those are for cuddling at home or in the park when it’s hot! MyHumans always take me to my appointments on my leash, that way I can explore and say hi to other animals.

  8. Is this the Sunday Selfie? You threw me for a moment (no badge) but its great to you you the selfies and you did make us laugh with your ‘Move Over Dexter’ *giggle*

    We are SO relieved you are OK. Ear troubles can cause SUCH issues so keeping on top of them is vitally important for us kitties – right?