Dexter’s Do-Good Wednesdays

Hello, it’s Dexter. I told Mom that I was finally ready to have my own series on the blog. And that I wanted to focus on doing good. So, here I am today with my first Do-Good Wednesday post. I may not be here every Wednesday, but if there’s something I’d like to share, you can bet I’ll drop in with it!

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Are you ready to start doing good with me?

National Feed a Rescue Pet Week

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Up first today, did you know that it’s National Feed a Rescue Pet Week? Check out this post from and learn all about it. Their goal is to provide 3 million meals to rescue pets around the country. And Greater Good says that if you donate $10.00, you’re providing 400 meals to animal rescues and shelters!

Can’t donate today? That’s okay! You can “click daily” at the Animal Rescue Site to help animals in need. How does it work? Well, here’s what they say: “When you click, we display ads from our site sponsors. 100% of the money from these advertisers goes to our charity partners, who fund programs to provide food and care for rescued animals.” Source

And guess what? The Greater Good Rescue Bank food program has already delivered over 200 million meals to rescue groups around the country! So, start clicking today! Mom tries to click every day and has been doing so for years. It’s a fast and easy way to help rescue pets every single day!

Raffle to Support The Zoo Rescue

Early readers of our blog may remember that our very first “rescue profile” was of The Zoo Rescue in Monroeville, Alabama. Mom had “met” the wife and husband team (Jennifer and Tony) on social media and asked if she could do a profile on their rescue efforts. Mom always says this was the post that kicked off our cause focus on the blog.

Well, a good friend of The Zoo Rescue (and fellow cat lover, Leigh) is hosting a raffle to support the small rescue, which is now a 501(c)3. Raffle tickets are $5.00 each and can be purchased up until August 19th. The raffle drawing will be held on August 20, 2017. Check out these awesome prizes! And then enter the raffle here.

  • Grand Prize: $200.00 USD Gift Card (Winner’s Choice: Amazon, Chewy, etc…It is your choice) Note: Minimum purchase of two raffle tickets to be entered for the Grand Prize; all other prizes only require one purchased ticket to be entered.
  • Second Prize: $75.00 USD Gift Card (Winner’s Choice)
  • Third Prize: $50.00 USD Gift Card (Winner’s Choice)
  • Fourth Prize: A CATBOX and organic cat grass seeds from CATBOX Boutique on Etsy. Note: This can only be mailed inside the U.S. Leigh will donate the CATBOX to your favorite domestic shelter if you are international.
  • Fifth Prize: Beautiful handmade crate pillows so your pet can ride in style and comfort in their crates while heading to the vet or groomers – or just hanging out in their crate at home. Note: There will be four winners of this prize. Three winners will get two pillows and one winner will receive one pillow and a cat themed wine bottle opener. You can view the pillows here.

Please note that Three Chatty Cats is in no way connected to this raffle drawing. We just want to help spread the word! And Mom really hopes you will consider buying a raffle ticket or two to support her friends at The Zoo Rescue. And a meowy big thank you to Leigh for hosting the raffle and fulfilling the prizes!

That’s all I have for today! And hey, thanks for all the support and encouragement. Everyone knows that I’m a shy kitty, but I felt that I just had to share these two do-good items today!

Dexter's Do-Good Wednesdays

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19 thoughts on “Dexter’s Do-Good Wednesdays

  1. Thank you Dexter for sharing your big heart with everyone. I so appreciate you and your mom spreading the word on the raffle. It is so important to me to raise money to help The Zoo Rescue so they can continue to provide medical care and much needed love to so many cats and dogs.

  2. You’re so sweet to devote your series to doing good things for animals, Dexter! I’ve purchased from the Animal Rescue Site quite often and need to make a point of visiting each day. We’ll be sure to check out the auction too!

  3. Dexter we’re so glad you have your own platform and no surprise you’re using it for doing good. We want to kiss you right now! 😽
    The Lady Cat follows the Zoo Rescue and has two funny “catfeinnated” mugs from the animal rescue site. Thanks for sharing this! Love from the Chirpies

    1. Oh yes, they have lots of goodies for sale there! My mom has done some shopping there, too. MOL!

  4. Dexter, we always buy from the Animal Rescue Site! We have been for years. We’ve fed a lot of animals through them. We may just have to purchase a few of those raffle tickets.

  5. Leave my Momma to screw this one up. Did she feed a rescue? NO! She went all over-achiever and ADOPTED ONE. Now I have to share! ~Bear Cat
    I’m down with an Ellie/Sophie dynamic duo!!! ~Ellie Mae

    1. Aww, I’m sorry Bear Cat. You’re momma is definitely an overachiever when it comes to kitties!!! (Ellie, Sophie says “Heeeeeeyyyyy.”)

  6. Awesome job, Dexter! What a great idea for a series. We are looking forward to seeing more from you!

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