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What’s mine is not yours! #tortietalktuesday

Olive here! I have a bone to pick with my bratty sister Sophie. So, you remember my new box that I told you about earlier? How Mom made it for me after my other box got too old and dirty? That’s right…she made it for me. Not Sophie!

As a reminder, this is me in the new box. (Look how good I look in it.)

tortie cat in box

Like any good guard kitty, I even patrol the perimeter of my box to make sure no intruders come around.

tortie cat coming out of box

The other day I came back from patrol and look what I found! Sophie had snuck right in the front door!

white cat in a box

And then guess what she tried to do? Sophie tried to give me a hug! As if that would make it all better!

tortie cat and white cat
“Bring it on in, Olive!!!”

And to make matters worse, I saw Sophie letting foster cat Lion into my box, too!

white cat and tabby cat
“Come on in, Lion. It’s nice and roomy in here!”

Ugh! Those two stunk up my box. I don’t want it anymore.

white cat in a box
“My evil plan worked.”

Tell me kitties, do you have a special box that you call your own? Apparently, I don’t anymore.

Hugs & meows, Olive

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  1. Oh Olive, that is not nice to occupy your very beautiful box. I can´t tell my boxstory, because I live here alone, of course I have mom and dad, but they don´t fit to my boxes. Could you talk to your mom, who made this box just for you, maybe she could help.
    a cat in faraway Finland.

  2. Gosh…….too bad you have squatters in your box …… it is a very NICE spot though so I can’t really blame everyone for stealing it……it’s even got wall to wall carpeting!

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. Mollie (our tortie) has that problem…not so much with boxes but with cat beds, regular beds, windowsills, etc. She has a room she prefers. She often gets uninvited visitors!

  4. You poor thing! Mudpie says one of the pawsome things about being an only child is she doesn’t have to share a thing :) I can see why they moved in because that box looks amazing cozy though. I hope you went all tortie on them!

  5. Sophie might be more clever than you suspect, Olive. I have a feeling she knew you’d give up the box if she used it … so she gets a new sleeping spot. It looks like it’s big enough for all of you too!

  6. Oh Olive! Wish I had words of wisdom for you, but around Eastside Cats, every cat goes in and out of every bed, box, bag, cubby, chair, coat, sweater and lay on every rug and floor. It’s communal living.

  7. Oh Oliver dear, I’m sorry your purr-sonal, specially made-fur-you boxie got taken over by your fur sib. I guess that means your mom will have to make you a bigger, more extra special box. And tell her to put your name on it in big letters in kitty language to keep out the sibs! Purrs!

  8. Awe Olive, do you know who can relate to your story? My sibling, Scout, who’s also a tortie. But with her it’s not a box that she thinks is hers, it’s a special spot near the Big Man Cat’s pillow. No one is allowed there or they will face the wrath of tortitude. We hope your mom finds you an even better box that you can call your own, no other intruders! Kitty licks from Mr. Jack.

  9. I have it good around here. Lola doesn’t do boxes – ever. I think that’s extremely strange, but it leaves the boxes all for ME! Just push them out of the way, Olive. Take that box back! Love, Lexy

  10. Aaaaaaaaaaaaw Sorry you lost your special box. We have to share everythin’. Mommy says dat’s da onliest way. As fur boxes, we don’t get to keep them too long. Da ‘pawrtments have rules against them. They’re just crazy. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  11. Poor Olive. We’re sorry you can’t have your very own box, without the others ruining your fun time!