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A Pillow Fort Kind of Day #sundayswithsophie

Sophie here! Guess what? Once again we had construction workers in the house. I thought for sure I’d get some peace and quiet on a weekend. But apparently not!

So, that meant we cats were “trapped” in Mom’s office all day yesterday. I wasn’t too happy about that. This was me being not too happy in my pillow fort. No one was allowed in but me.

white cat under pillow

Mom wants me to tell you that foster cat Lion is doing very well here. But he does this really annoying thing where he wants to play with us! Can you believe it? Here’s what I think of that! I call it my this-is-my-not-amused face, with a side of now-go-bother-someone-else. Then I added a whappy paw and he got the hint.

white cat

Here’s Lion making himself comfy on our new couch. (Don’t get too comfy, buster!)

tabby cat

And here’s what Dexter thought of the new couch. Mom was taking a picture to show Grandma and Dexter decided to break it in. MOL! After that, Mom put a scratcher right next to the couch.

tabby cat and terrier

What else should I tell you about? Oh yeah, Miss Ellen from 15andmeowing.com won our latest giveaway. Yay for Miss Ellen! And yay for her cats!

Hope you all have a nice Sunday! And be sure to give your kitties lots of treats and pets. (But mostly lots of treats.)

Catch ya later, Sophie

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  1. LOVE your room, the colors, photos, floor and of course the COUCH!! (my couch is a similar color, love it!) Oh boy, hope Dexter decides that he doesn’t like the couch THAT much! MOL!

  2. Sophie, your pillow fort is awesome. Hey, if those noise-making humans are around, just hunker down, right?

    Dexter! Use the scratcher Mom set up, okay? :)

  3. Sophie, did the construction workers bring you treats for interrupting your household? Did you get locked in the office with the D-O-G? I hope your house is now put back together so you can get back to relaxing. Mew Mew!

  4. A pillow fort sounds like the purrfect place to spend the day, Sophie. Tell Dexter that is not a good way to break in the new furniture. Humans get really upset when us cats do stuff like that.

  5. That’s a great pillow fort. Lion looks cute. Maybe you could play with him just a little bit.

  6. First concats to 15 and Meowing for winning. The chesterfield is lovely and situated just right. Lion looks very well indeed. Sophie seems to belegitimately ticked. Hope you enjoyed Vancouver….are you going to tell us about it?


    Shoko and Kali

  7. Oh wow Miss Sophie, mew look so utterly adorable in your pillow fort, just too cute!!

    Lion looks like he’s having a great time, the couch is amazing and the room looks epically epic! [The P.A. & dad just redecorated one of the upstairs rooms, turning it into a lounge/workspace and used a furry similar colour palette to yours – great minds huh?!? MOL]

    Many concats to 15 & Meowing, way to go guys – WOO HOO!!!

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox

  8. Hi Sophie,
    Lily here. I sure can feel your pain with strangers stomping around your house making noise, and then, to add to the indignity, being forced to stay in your Mom’s office. I am a bit of a fraidy cat and when people come to our house, my MO is to burrow under the quilt in the guest room or hide behind the sofa but being locked in one room, I think not! Lion is a handsome fellow but I now what you mean about the playing, the young un’s Oliver and Alberto are still kittenish and playful and far too rambunctious for my taste, those darn kids need to learn how to settle and nap all day!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

  9. I’d love to snuggle up in your pillow fort with you, Sophie. Bear is like Dexter – even though he has a 6 foot cat tree worth of scratching posts next to the loveseat, he still rips that thing to shreds. Doing it when your Mom’s taking a picture is something else entirely :)