Tortie Talk Tuesday with Olive

A little bit of this…a little bit of that #tortietalktuesday

Olive here! Just dropping in to say hello and give a few updates. Mom and Dad are finally back from vacation. They went off and left us with Grandma. You may have seen Sophie complaining on social media that their vacation was 11 years long. But I’m calling her out as an exaggerator! (It was only 8 years.)

tortie cat in box
Here I am in my new box. (My old one got ruined during all the construction work.) This is where I hung out while Mom and Dad were away.

Here are a couple pictures from their trip – they went to Vancouver. I know that Mom is planning on doing a post about the cat cafe she visited while there.

Stanley Park in Vancouver
A late afternoon walk through Stanley Park.
The view from their 27th-floor hotel room, looking over downtown Vancouver.

Happy Gotcha Day to Me

While the parents were away, I celebrated my 6th Gotcha Day. I know, how dare they be gone for such a momentous anniversary! June 7, 2011 was the date I joined the household. Here’s what Mom posted about it.

Happy Gotcha Day to this beautiful tortie! Six years ago, Olive joined our family…and here is her Gotcha Story: On a warm June afternoon in 2011, a little tortie kitten was found by asphalt workers outside in our neighborhood. The workers saw the kitten dart into the yard of a neighbor and didn’t want her to get hurt or harmed by the freshly laid asphalt. They caught the little kitten, and another neighbor (a cat lover herself) offered to take her and see if she’d simply escaped from the safety of her home. Ross (my hubby) and I arrived home from getting dinner and saw the friendly neighbor lady walking around with a cat carrier. Curious, I asked about the latest and greatest in neighborhood happenings, and she told me what had happened. She was unable to keep her overnight, so I eagerly said I’d take the little one in and continue the search for her possible owners. She wasn’t microchipped, had no collar, so we put up signs in the neighborhood – no one came forward. But we didn’t care. We’d fallen in love with the tortie furball. Estimated to be about eight weeks old at the time, Olive had found her forever home with us. And that’s the Gotcha Story of the second of the Three Chatty Cats! I love you, Olive! #threechattycats #happygotchaday

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More of Me on the Blog!

While the parents were goofing off and enjoying themselves in the city, I got to thinking about how Mom hasn’t been posting here on the blog enough lately. I know, I know…something about being busy and a construction project at the house for a month (it’s actually still going on).

Anyway, I told Mom that she should let us – the actual Three Chatty Cats – blog more! You know what I mean? Yep, I’m a tortie who makes total sense.

With that said, I’ve claimed Tuesdays as my day. Looks like Sophie wants Sundays. As for Dexter, he said he doesn’t need a day. Regular readers know he’s pretty shy, although he may pop in now and then to say hello. But it might be up to me and my bratty sister to share his thoughts.

I think that’s all I have for now. I feel a nap coming on. Happy Tortie Talk Tuesday! (That’s a thing, really!)

Hugs & meows, Olive

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  1. Hi Olive! Nice to see you. And Happy Gotcha Day…belatedly! We’re glad your peeps are home from their trip. It looks like a nice one. And we’re glad we’re going to be seeing more of you, too!

  2. sooo happy your parents had a great trip but how dare they leave you for EIGHT years??!! OMC! Happy Belated Gotcha Day too! Did your parents visit the Mom at Critters in the Cottage at Vancouver? I think that is where she lives! LOVE the idea of “Tortie Talk Tuesday” brilliant!

    1. No, silly Mom! It didn’t dawn on her to look up any Vancouver area bloggers until she was already there!

  3. Happy belated Gotcha Day Olive! And we are very excited for your new series. Tortie Talk Tuesday sounds like it will be a lot of fun, after all, you are the Three Chatty Cats so I’m sure you have lots to say! I’m sure they’re giving you your own platform now to make up for leaving you for a whole 11 years! Did you forgive them yet?

  4. a nap coming on is the most reliable part of this story!!! I adore tortoise shells and when they write they are magic! so keep the writing going before another nap befalls you!

  5. Hi Olive!!! “Tortie Talk Tuesday” is something Mudpie totally gives four paws up to! Glad your peeps are back and I hope you get a belated tuna cake for your Gotcha Day!

  6. We are looking forward to reading about the Cat Cafe. I hope the humans’ lovely vacation wasn’t ruined by the guilt they must have experienced after abandoning their cats for so long…
    Happy belated Gotcha Day, dear Olive!
    xxoo Maggie

  7. Happy belated Gotcha Day!!! At least she posted it on Instagram, I saw that post. Silly humans, they think a few treats and all is forgiving? I bet you three chatty cats are still plotting. Maybe a well placed hairball by their bed. 😉

  8. Happy Gotcha Day Olive! Great gotcha story too so she didn’t forget altogether. I know this is still unacceptable. Did she meet any of our blogging furrends in Vancouver? There is a few there.

  9. Well Olive I hope you enjoyed your GOTCHA Day even though your GOTCHA came and went without your humans there to celebrate with you! Hope to see you MORE now that they’re home……..

    Hugs, Teddy

  10. Aaaaaaaaaaaw Happy Gotchaday gawjus Olive. We can’t believe your pawrents weren’t there fur your special day. MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena