A Cat’s Work is Never Done – “C-AT WORK” by Marianna Zampieri

You may recall that I introduced you to amateur photographer Marianna Zampieri in two previous posts. In the first post, we learned how Marianna’s own cat, Arthur, helped her discover her love of photography. In the second post, we saw Marianna’s Passions photography project, where she captures the relationship between cats and the people they live with.

If you haven’t read those posts, I encourage you to do so, as Marianna’s gorgeous photography will surely speak to any cat lover.

And we’re in luck! Today, Marianna has been kind enough to share one of her latest projects with us, C-AT WORK, which looks at cats in the workplace.


When I asked Marianna, who resides in Vicenza, Italy, how she finds her subjects for the C-AT WORK series, she said that she has found some by simply searching on the Internet, while others are suggested to her from people she knows.

I hope you enjoy this latest installment of Marianna’s inspiring photography. Also, be sure to follow Marianna’s I gatti di Vicenza Facebook page that she started with the purpose to help cats find forever homes. Yes! Not only does Marianna photograph cats, but she also organizes events to collect food for homeless cats.

For all photos in this post, you can click to enlarge them for better viewing.

At the Barbershop with Matisse

Here, talented hairdresser Sara is assisted by Matisse, a handsome Scottish Fold, who takes the role of greeter very seriously.

Recording Studio Cat Athena

At this recording studio, cat lover Mario has cared for Athena since she was one month old. The gorgeous gal is now three years old and loving recording studio life.

Matisse, the Atelier Cat

At the Atelier, you can find Matisse, a striking ginger cat. Surrounded by Greta’s beautiful creations, Matisse finds himself right at home. Even better, when little Zoe happens to stop by for a visit!

At the Videomaker Studio with Romeo

The adorable Romeo is the newest addition to the studio, where Jenny also cares for two other cats, Agata and Meme.

Dressmaking Shop Cat Pepe

Pepe the cat is 17 years young! And Vinci, his human, loves him very much.

Leo at the Stationery Shop

Leo, the ginger cat, is 11 years old. Valeria has cared for Leo since he first appeared at the shop and adopted him. They have been together for 10 years.

Library Cats

Below, we have Byron, Teresa and Obama – the cats of the library. The library staff found the siblings when they were about two weeks old and have cared for them ever since. Pictured with the trio is librarian Claudia.

I hope you enjoyed visiting these workplaces today and seeing these “working cats” of Italy.

You can see more photos from the C-AT WORK sessions at Marianna’s website, along with her other photography projects.

And please remember to follow Marianna’s I gatti di Vicenza Facebook page to support her cat rescue efforts.

Do you have a favorite photo session from Marianna’s series? Do you know any workplace cats near you?

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Library cat Obama | "C-AT WORK" by Marianna Zampieri
A big yawn after a long day’s work! (Oh, to be a cat!)

62 thoughts on “A Cat’s Work is Never Done – “C-AT WORK” by Marianna Zampieri

  1. My dream is to have a cat at the office! Guess I’m going to have to start my own business, since I haven’t yet convinced a boss that we need a cat on staff…but I’m still trying. Love the photography; Marianna has a great eye.

  2. Wow, the photos are stunning. These belong in a book! There’s a very popular new book about working cats of New York…why not one with these lovely kitty images? Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful photos! I love how they capture the cats in these work environments. If I were to take photos of my cats it would be of them sitting on my computer as I’m trying to type ;)

  4. What a wonderful article and the pictures are stunning! That’s talent when a picture says so much, no words are needed. You can feel the special relationship these “subjects” have. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh MeOW Color fotos. Just gawjus. We’re sure they all are, mommy just has a hard time seein’ things in black and white. Fanks fur sharin’. big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  6. Oh my God, I love that Scottish Fold! This is such an awesome post. I wish I could visit all of these special spots to spend time with the cats and their human colleagues! Lovely photos helped to make my heart smile :)

  7. Wow, Marianna had a God given gift for photography! I loved your other posts of her photography, and this one is extraordinary too. I love the photo of Matisse’s reflection in the mirror. Thank you for sharing her work!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  8. My hairdresser brings her great Dane to work! I love seeing animals, especially cats, in the workplace. Not only does she take great photos but it sounds like she does other great work for cats.

  9. Hiya Chatty Cats, this is so pawesome and amazing, such beautiful photos, thanks so much fur sharing guys, mew made our day! (L)

    Bestest purrs

    Basil & CO xox

  10. “obama”… lol.
    I don’t know of any workplace cats around me but every time I visit the local microbrewery I bring a can of catfood for the colony that lives outside. BW and Grey have been there as long as I’ve gone (about 3 yrs now), others come and go. Grey has always let me pet her (??) and even pick her up. Last week was the first time I was able to touch BW and she even let me fully pet her for awhile. Dunno if someone has socialized her or she was just tired (I woke her up) and forgot to be skittish (I couldn’t touch her when I returned later in the day).

  11. We always love Marianna’s photos. She has such a talent for capturing real emotion, love and life in her pictures of these cats! I sure wish we had cats at my workplace. :)

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