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A Dramatic Dexter Takes His Sunday Selfies

Some readers may know that Dexter is the shyest of the three chatty cats. But did you know he’s also the most dramatic? As depicted in his latest Sunday Selfies.

Dexter said to me, “Ma, I’m going close today.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Dexter: “I’m doing an extreme close-up today. Gonna show all my good sides.”

Dexter sets the camera timer and prepares his pose.

Okay, so that convo didn’t happen. But about these pictures…We were lounging yesterday morning in the big comfy chair, he above me on the back of it. The morning sun was hitting him all dramatic like and luckily the DSLR was in reach. I snapped this series of shots. And because of the quality of the photos, I wanted to zoom in on a few to show Dexter’s beautiful eye, nose, whiskers and fur. The top two below are zoomed in. The rest are original, unedited photos.

Cats are beautiful creatures, aren’t they? Enjoy!

tabby cattabby cattabby cattabby cattabby cattabby cat

The Cat on My Head
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  1. WHAT PURRRRRRRRRRFECT photos! Dexter did a close-up series and did a wonderful job with some of his best features – his eyes, nose and whiskers are grand. YAY DEX!

    Hugs, Angel sammy

  2. Dexter is adorable, excellent selfies. You are a cutie from all angles. I enjoyed all your kitties’ photos on the Cat Blogosphere calendar last week.

  3. Dexter, you are the perfect kitty model to show of a cat’s beauty. Cats really are beautiful creatures and you more than proved it. These are wonderful pictures!

  4. Dexter you are so handsome we hope to see a lot more of you. What great close ups and just as fabulous selfies.

  5. Someone had their mackerel setting on! Gorgeous fotos. Have you joined the Pet Photography Challenge on FB? We’re doing depth of field and that pic of his blurry nose and focused eyes would be great but I know you have many great ones. I love all these pics of Dexter up close and personal.