meow stockings

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

It should, right? Christmas is only four days away!

Just a quick maintenance note before I get to all the holiday fun. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve now migrated the blog over to being self-hosted. I was told that anyone who subscribed to the blog via will now only see posts in WP Reader and will no longer receive emails when there’s a new post. If you still want to receive email notifications, then you will need to subscribe again, which you can do on the sidebar to the right (if you’re on a computer) or at the very bottom (if you’re on mobile). Sorry for the hassle – this only applies to readers. If you subscribed with your email address before, you should continue to receive email post notifications as usual.

Holiday Cards

Thank you to all our kitty, doggie and human friends for sending all of the wonderful holiday cards. We love them!

Thank You, Pinky!

The Three Chatty Cats also want to say thank you to our doggie BFF, Pinky the Chi. Pinky and mom Jennifer sent the cats some toys. We received adorable handmade toy mice that Jennifer makes for shelter kitties! And Pinky being a pup, of course she had to include a toy for Eddie. Thank you so much to Pinky and Jennifer! Be sure to follow @pinkythechi on Instagram. She’s a 3-pound toothless rescue senior chihuahua and is too cute for words.

white cat with toys
“I’m claiming this little mousie!” ~Sophie
tortie cat with toys
“Hey, I’m older. I should get first pick.” ~Olive
tabby cat with toys
“Outta the way, ladies!” ~Dexter
terrier with toys
Meanwhile, Eddie waits patiently for his turn.

Presents Have Arrived

Our Secret Paws package has arrived! I’m not letting the kitties open it yet, but to whoever sent it…it arrived safely and the kitties are very excited. I’ll post more about it once I (the mean mama) let the cats open their presents.

tabby cat with presents
“Are all of these for me?!?” (Not quite, Dexter.)
tabby cat with presents
“Whatever is in here sure smells good!”

Happy Holidays!

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or something in between, the Three Chatty Cats and I wish you a very happy holiday! May you find yourself surrounded by the ones you love.

holiday card with three cats

Are your kitties excited for the holidays?

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  1. Love the crew (including Eddie … he’s so patient! … then again, he lives with three cats … so the lesson’s probably been well learned by now). We didn’t send out cards … but we wish you the happiest holidays! You’ve been an amazing support and sounding board and I’m so proud to know the blogger behind Three Chatty Cats AND Cat Lady Alley :)

  2. Merry Christmas to the Three Chatty Cats and their humans. Oh yeah, and Eddie as well. We love puppers as well!

  3. Oh, that video,vyou have so many cards, it means many, many friends. I don’t know why, I am a simple and humble cat, my heart starts to run furiously when I see Sophie, and my cheeks are so hot… I just don’t know…
    Merry Christmas to you all!
    Kosmo a cat in faraway Finland.

  4. Uh oh!! I got your blog via email (both of them) but when I read what you wrote above, I just re-subscribed…then I got this message “The email address has opted out of subscription emails.
    You can manage your preferences at” I didn’t “opt out!!”

  5. Whoa! Such a cute card. Mine is in the mail so you may have to redo that video. MOL! Can’t wait to see what the cats got in their SP package. We got our e-mail notification.

  6. Whoa! You kitties sure did get lots of presents! Loving your card, and your video. Such a wonderful idea!

    Merry Merry and Happy Happy!

  7. We loved the video with the cards, kitties and your pictures are gorgeous too. Don’t be to curious what’s in that package, kitties, you know what they say about curiosity and cats ;) I think I have found a little rascal in the middle, but Granny says, don’t underestimate a smiling kitty…MOL :D Pawkisses for a wonderful Christmastime :) <3

  8. It looks like everybody is ready at your house, and there’s an exciting package under the tree.
    Merry Eve of Christmas Eve!
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser, and Rufus the Red

  9. Merry Christmas Chatty Cats, we love todays post, it’s so full of cheer and fun and lots and pressies!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! MOL

    Hope mew’re having a terrific day

    Bestest festive purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  10. This is so wonderful! It shows how many lives you have touched this last year-including ours! I couldn’t be more impressed, proud and excited about your accomplishments! Thank you for being such a huge inspiration and great friend to us!