tabby cat and white cat

Sunday Selfies and the Commentathon Results

Before I get to Dexter and Sophie’s Sunday selfies, I want to update you on the #GivingTuesday commentathon. It closed yesterday and I used to select the animal rescue from the comments to donate to.

And the selected rescue is… A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue, as nominated by Robin from Playful Kitty! The comment totals were less than I’d hoped for, so I added in comments from Facebook and Instagram, too – and then decided to double the donation amount. So later today, A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue will be receiving a $70.00 donation. Thank you to all who left comments!

And now, onto our Sunday selfies…

tabby cat and white cat
“Sophie, let’s get you cleaned up for our selfie.”
tabby cat and white cat
“Oofph, you’re pretty dirty this morning.”
tabby cat and white cat
“Tastes like you’ve been rolling in the nip again.”
tabby cat and white cat
“Come on, Sophie, let’s pose now.”
tabby cat and white cat
“She’s still sleeping, isn’t she?”
tabby cat and white cat
“Oh well, I guess I’ll join her.”

So many blogging friends have recently crossed to the rainbow bridge. And while we knew some but not others, each crossing we learn of saddens us. Our thoughts are with those who lost their furry friends.

The Cat on My Head

We’re joining The Cat on My Head for the Sunday Selfies blog hop.
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Dexter and Sophie hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday.

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to stop by our other blog Cat Lady Alley and enter our 12 Days of Giveaways! Today is Day 4 – and Day 1 closes at noon Pacific today.

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  1. Love your selfies my beautiful friends. I am sorry I missed the give away, not sure how I missed the post. Anyway, thank you for helping others.

  2. Dexter and Sophie, your selfies are too adorable! And thank you for the generous donation too!

  3. The look on Dexter’s face in the third picture made us smile real big. Congrats on a successful commentathon, and to a Rejoyceful Animal Rescue! Awesome!

    1. Dexter loooooves his Olive. I’ll try and do a Sunday Selfie with her next time. She’s just such a loner that she rarely presents herself when the camera is out! She likes to keep things mysterious.

  4. The commentathon is a fantastic idea. Too bad the humans were too slow on the dime to get their comments in (if only we felines had opposable thumbs we could take care of these things on our own instead of waiting for our purrrsonal assistant to help)., Great job and thank you for looking out for shelter kitties!
    Your Friends,
    The Tribe of Five (Tucker, Jasmine, Lily, Oliver and Alberto)