5 Things to Be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

5 Things to Be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Sophie here! As many humans are currently hustling and bustling about, preparing meals, tidying up the house and welcoming guests, I thought I would take this time to tell you what I am – I mean – what we three chatty cats are thankful for this Thanksgiving.


1) Full bellies

As you may remember, we three kitties were all strays that found our way to the humans, and the Mama and the Pops took us in. Dexter and Olive were much younger when they found our humans, but I was about six months old, so I know and remember what it’s like to not have a full belly after every meal. I am so very thankful for my full belly. The Mama sometimes makes fun of my primordial pouch, but I like to think it is there to store extra food, just in case. But thankfully, I haven’t had to put it to use yet.

This is me after a meal…belly full, nap coming on.

2) Warm beds and lots of snuggling

The weather is finally starting to turn mild here in Southern California (notice how I didn’t say cold?). Although we don’t need the heater yet, we sure do appreciate warm beds. We’ve been snuggling up more to the humans lately, and I know they love that. None of us are lap cats, but we’ll tolerate a snuggle or two. Mostly we like to snuggle with each other. And by with each other, I mean me and Dexter. Or Dexter and Olive. But never, EVER me and Olive. Anyway, we’re adding warm beds and snuggling to our thankful list.

two cats cuddling

3) Our woofie brother

We don’t often talk about our older brother, but Eddie was here first. And although we’re not BFFs with him, we are thankful to have this woofie in our lives. He keeps us on our toes and he’s the fierce protector of our house. Thank you, Eddie. We love you (even when we hiss at you).

4) Sunpuddles!

Can you believe that it actually rained here on Monday? It was pouring buckets outside! So, we’re thankful for any sunpuddles we can find. And luckily, we can usually find plenty of them. Here’s my beautiful sister Olive hogging the sun. We’re very thankful for sunpuddles.

tortie cat in the sun

5) Friends like you

I’ll be honest. We don’t have kitty friends coming over all the time for play dates. But we certainly adore our blogosphere kitty friends. We’re also very close with some Instagram kitties (and woofies, too!). The Mama tells us all about your adventures and stories that she reads on your blogs and Instagram. We look forward to it every night when she tucks us into bed. (Okay, that doesn’t happen, but you know what I mean.) Thank you for being our friends. We are thankful for you!

white cat with blue eyes

I’m getting sleepy now and must go. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, surrounded by family, friends and kitties!

What are you thankful for?

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  1. We love this post! So many wonderful things to be thankful for indeed. You all found the purrfect home, that’s for sure. And these photos are all too cute! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

  2. Sunpuddles! We love sunpuddles too! We love our non-fur and fur family and feel blessed to have you as our furriend! Happy Holidays!

  3. Great post Sophie! We live where it gets cold, so we are also thankful for warm laps and electric blankets. And that we live in an old house that can’t be completely sealed, so we have mice to play with. (Mom’s not so excited about that one). Snoops and Kommando Kitty

  4. You covered just about everything, my kitty friends! Very well put and your pictures are just perfect. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are grateful for your friendship, too!

  5. Great post Sophie! I adored your first picture. Actually they were all pretty heartwarming and you are lovable. You and Olive sound like Kali and I until recently. After riding in the stroller together, we sleep closer now……not touching but closer.


  6. Great list except now it looks like we need to get a woofie!! Thanksgiving blessings from all of us at Zee and Zoey’s!

  7. We thankful to be safe from the fires. Thanks for your for good thoughts about the fires. We are out of danger but the smoke is still in the air from other fires. Been a crazy few weeks. Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. I’m in Long Beach and I turned on the heater just before Thanksgiving. It was nice having all 5 cats on the bed for a few nights but now that there’s another heat source, they’ve given back some room (they’re all bed hogs!).
    LOVE the pictures!

  9. I came by from piglove today. How heartwarming!!! I love the wolfie, my standard poodle just passed away a few months ago, so I am in awe of so many cuddlers in one house. We are missing our love. Is your pup a schnoodle? I love the pic of the cats snuggling, You captured a gesture of comfort. I hate the idea of anything going hungry, cats, dogs, old people, babies… we’re all connected. LeeAnna at Not afraid of color (pet-less for the moment not long I hope)

    1. Thank you for stopping by! My in-laws have a standard poodle and we dogsit him occasionally. But alas, none of our pets cuddle with him when he’s in the house. We’re not sure what breed Eddie is because he was a rescue. Probably breed “cute” though! :-)