Sophie's Guide to Conquering Halloween

Getting through Halloween with your cat (tips from Sophie!)

Sophie here! Listen up cats and kittens! I’m not sure if you’re a kitty who loves Halloween or not, but I have some tips that are sure to get you through the upcoming ghoulish day and night.

1) Don’t make it easy for costume fittings

Are you a cat who loves to dress up? Then I personally think you’re a rarity. In our household, none of us like to be dressed up, so we have to remind the Mama of that and not cooperate during costume fittings. I recommend giving the measuring tape a good ol’ chomp or whap!


(Remember that not all cats appreciate being dressed up, so do not force your cat into a costume, which could stress them out further on an already stressful evening. If you do put your cat in a costume, make sure it does not restrict their movement or allow them to get tangled up.)

2) Claim your hiding spot well in advance

I’ll admit that Dexter and I are what some may call scaredy cats. I’m not sure where Olive got her braveness, but Dexter and I must have been snoozing when that was being passed around. Anyway, whenever the doorbell rings or someone comes over, Dexter and I are gone in a flash! So, if you’re a cat like us, be sure to find a good, comfy hiding spot for the evening when the trick or treaters come by.


(We have indoor only cats here, but if you don’t, please be sure to bring your cat inside for Halloween! And like my cats, many cats can be nervous or skittish with a lot of people around. If you’re having a Halloween party, be sure your cat has a place to escape to where they will feel safe and can remain undisturbed during the festivities.)

3) Stay away from that delicious candy

I know, I know. Can you believe I’m telling you something like that? Well, I’m a kitty with a very sensitive tummy, and candy just isn’t good for us kitties anyway. Instead, I recommend that you find a good mousie to chomp on!


(Don’t leave that candy bowl out where your cat will have easy access to it. In our house, it’s actually the plastic wrapping that attracts the cats more than the candy itself. But better safe than sorry, so don’t leave the bowl out unattended.)

4) Practice being super cute for extra treats

For me, there’s no practice necessary. But if you bring on that cute factor, then maybe your mom or pop will give you an extra treat on Halloween!


(If you do celebrate Halloween with a party, don’t forget to give your cat extra attention before and after to help comfort them, be that with hugs, chin scritches or a special treat.)

Good job, Sophie! I think your tips will help other kitties on Halloween.

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  1. Sage advice, Miss Sophie. I once had a very outgoing cat. When I hosted a Halloween party, although he got completely freaked out by a Batman costume (biggest mouse EVER?), he spent the whole evening sitting safely under the dining table, fascinated by the party (or maybe waiting for tasty treats to fall on the floor). Any other cat I’ve had would take Sophie’s advice and HIDE.

  2. Sophie, I will pass along your advice to Angel and Chuck! I’ll tell you what I’d like to be for Halloween…I would simply pick you up and carry you around, you little sweetie, you!

  3. Very helpful advice Sophie……….I usually stay well hidden on Trick or Treat night although sometimes I come out long enough to take a quick peek at the kids at the door………if they’re not too noisy of course! Hope your Halloween is QUIET and happy hiding!

    Love, Sammy

  4. Great tips! Nicky used to get terrified on Halloween cos their doorbell was so loud. One time he was on the kitchen table and when he jumped off to hide, he took the landline with him. That was before mobile phones. He and phone landed tangled up in a heap. I used to go to the door until some teens decided to run amok through the halls screaming one Halloween. Now I hide. Pffftttt!

  5. Great tips, Sophie! We plan on following all of these on Halloween, especially the hiding one. Our humans go all out, and we just don’t get it! -Aine, Emmett, Seamus, Dickens, and Poe

  6. Excellent tips, Sophie, and you looked so very pretty while you gave them. We don’t usually get any or many trick or treaters–our street doesn’t have sidewalks, and most kids go down the main streets in town. But we are usually keep our lights off –not that we want to be Halloween scrooges, but I am afraid one of the kitties could slip out while the door is open.

  7. We cats do NOT dress up for Halloween (no respectable cat would). In fact, we wish they’d abolish that nasty day. The LOUD doorbell keeps ringing and weird short humans are there. It’s all so exhausting.

  8. Aaaaaaaaaaw Sophie you’re so cute. And you’re right, you don’t need any purractice gettin’ those extra treats. We don’t celebrate halloween and fankfully peeps don’t really come out to our complex and bother us. Hope ya’ll get lots of extra treats and cuddles. Have a pawsum weekend.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  9. Great advice Sophie. I don’t give out candy because 4 out of 5 cats in my house would be severely traumatized by the constant knocking on the door. But it looks like you’ve got things well in hand!

  10. Those are pawsome tips, Sophie ! If we were celebrating Halloween, we would follow them strictly ! Purrs

  11. Super good tips, Sophie. I am a scardy cat and will hide. Kali will take a peep from across the room but if the kids are loud, she will join me UTB. We get lots of treats after mom finishes with the kids.


  12. Thanks Sophie! Excellent advice – particularly the one about the costumes. Small humans are cute in costumes; we’re just effortlessly cute. Snoops and Kommando

  13. Excellent tips (and beauteous photos), Sophie! We don’t really like wearing real costumes here, so our dad hooks us up with Photoshop ones. :)

  14. Great tips!
    I am not a very scaredy cat but I don’t like people ringing our doorbell and so the trick or treaters make me panic. Here in England we also have the build up to Bonfire Night at the same time and that means a lot of horrible fireworks going off every night. The noise is not good and annoys my Mum too, so we look after each other.

    Stay safe kitty friends :)

  15. Sophie that was truly pawesome advice, thank mew so much fur sharing!!!

    Happy Halloween to all the furmilly :)

    Bestest spooky purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  16. Dear Sophie,
    Alberto here. I sure wish I would have read your helpful article before the humans attempted to velcro me into a dinosaur costume. Thanks for the good advice. If the humans didn’t get the message this year and give it another try next year, I’ll be ready for them!