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Honest Pet Products Review and Giveaway

When we were given the opportunity to review a set of Honest Pet Products cat toys, we jumped at the chance to learn more about this company that operates on three main principles: To be true to our PETS ~ To be true to our PLANET ~ To be true to our PEOPLE.

Founder Mary Wolff talks here on the blog about starting Honest Pet Products and her promise to make a difference. Then stay tuned as Sophie reviews the toys. And be sure to enter our giveaway for your own set of cat toys from Honest Pet Products!

One lucky reader will win this set of cat toys!

Mary Wolff on Starting Honest Pet Products

While my life has been no “piece of cake,” I’ve always reminded myself that there are other people with bigger obstacles and struggles than me. So, when I truly wanted to start a business, it was with the main purpose of providing jobs to people who couldn’t work in mainstream jobs, whether that was the disabled, single parents or homebound. I forged ahead not exactly knowing how I would find those people in need. But I was committed to giving everything I had – financially, mentally, emotionally – to helping others and giving back to the world in my little way.

I was actually working on a different sewing project (not a pet toy) that I believed could be produced by others with some training and a sewing machine. While taking a break from my project to play a game of fetch with my two yorkies, I looked at the torn up drink coaster that I was throwing and the light bulb went on…that maybe durable fabric pet toys should be my company focus and product.

When I took my first fetch toy prototype to the small business assistance office in Green Bay, my business counselor put me in touch with a local organization that employed the developmentally disabled AND they did sewing products!

I went to meet them…and well, the rest is history. In retrospect, I know that the founding of Honest Pet Products, the materials I ended up finding, the disabled employees in Green Bay who make my products, and many other twists of fate have been the work of a power much bigger than me. A power that has kept me going through financial setbacks, immeasurable stress and a lack of belief in my capabilities. A power that gives me the faith that “it’ll all work out” if I keep my belief that Honest Pet Products provides safe, quality alternatives for our pets as well as work opportunities for people with special needs.

Sophie Reviews the Cat Toys

Hello, it’s Sophie! I was the lucky kitty who got to play with the Honest Pet Products cat toys so I could tell you all about them. But before the Human Lady Mama was ready to capture my play session, she had to lock them away because I could smell the catnip and started pawing at the box! And yes, I have been known to tear through packaging before. Anyway, when she finally let me at ‘em, I had a ball with the toys and I think your kitty will, too!

First, let me tell you that the Honest Pet Products cat toys are made with natural and eco-friendly materials. They use sustainable hemp fabrics, organic wool and organic catnip. They also make toys for dogs! We think it is great that their hemp dog and cat toys are made by adults with developmental disabilities in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Giving Back: Be sure to check out their site for individual toy products, as some purchases directly help impoverished women and their families in certain geographies. For example, with the Eco Catty Pillar, the wool components are handmade by rural Nepalese women, and $1.50 from every Eco Catty Pillar purchase goes directly to the Nepal families in need. For the Eco Pouncer, the toys are handcrafted by rural Mongolian women, and $2.00 of every Eco Pouncer purchase helps eliminate poverty and protect the snow leopards in Mongolia.

You can shop for Honest Pet Products toys directly on their website, at Amazon, or you can search for a retail store close to you as well.

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Mary at Honest Pet Products has been kind enough to allow us to give away a set of cat toys to one lucky reader!

The giveaway is open to U.S. residents only, 18+ years in age, except where prohibited by law. One winner will be selected randomly by Rafflecopter. The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the prize, and a new winner will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter. The giveaway closes on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at noon Pacific.

To enter the giveaway, leave a blog comment below and then click this link to enter!

CLICK HERE to enter the giveaway!

A Special Thank You from Momma Kat

We would like to give a special thank you to Honest Pet Products for donating a set of toys to Savannah’s Paw Tracks for the Momma Kat Hope Chest! Momma Kat still needs to find her forever home and Savannah is hard at work to make that happen. #mommakatssearch


Disclosure: I was provided with a free set of cat toys from Honest Pet Products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions stated here are my own. Three Chatty Cats only shares information we feel would be relevant to readers. Honest Pet Products is not responsible for the content of this blog post.

Does your cat have a favorite type of toy to play with?

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  1. I like that the products are natural and eco friendly. And even better is a company that gives back – very important to me.

  2. I think it is awesome to have anything and I mean anything be Eco-friendly! The fact that these cat toys are made of natural but strong fibers like organic hemp and wool is pretty awesome. Being disabled and learning that people with disabilities are making these toys is a serious plus for me to hear. I like the fact that it helps to sustain assistance to impoverished citizens of Nepal/Mongolia. The fact that it also helps in the conservation of the snow leopard is nothing short of amazing. Will look for this product for my cat and let others in on it as well.

  3. What a great innitiative and wonderful ethos. I’m in Europe so can’t take part in the raffle but these Eco toys look wonderful and I truly wish Mary the best of luck with everything she does.

  4. What a great story. I admire your determination and hard work to stick to your goal and succeed! Very cute cat toys! I would be happy to win this prize for my kitty.

  5. Supporting an organization that pays it forward is pawesome! Thank you for introducing this wonderful company and their mission to us!

  6. Make my day! I’d love to see if their nip is special enough that I’d play with it. If Sophie vouches for them, I’ll trust her. What a great company all around. I have a hemp shmousie that I completely ignored and then a few months later TW saw me biting it. You never know. I’m always loving for a nip that I’ll play with.

  7. Oh Meow what fun. We would luv to win. Those toys look pawsum and like there’s even enuff to save a couple fur Christmas and me’s birthday which is fast approachin’. MOL Glad you has so much fun. Keep on playin’. Gotta go so we can enter.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  8. How cool! It’s always great to hear about a successful entrepreneur! It’s even greater to hear that the entrepreneur has employed others and provided support for folks that would benefit from an opportunity to utilize their skills. Thanks for sharing about this company and the products I’ll try to support them whenever I’m buying gifts for folks that have cats!

  9. Wow! Now those look like some great products I could get behind. What a cool company. Thanks for the review and tip.

  10. such a wonderful product mission. I am all for anything that reduces carbon paw prints AND also helps the humans in places where jobs and income are so desperately hard to find. Rock on Honest Pet Products. And many paw pats for the mention of Momma Kat.

  11. Well Sophie sure seems to like these products! I have actually never heard of Honest Pet Products, but I am so glad to know about them since they give back and are eco-friendly – two of my favorite things.

  12. We love these toys that are friendly to the environment and natural but mostly we like the idea of helping the disabled find work they can feel they have achieved something. We hope we don’t sound strange.

    Shoko and Kali

  13. Fantastic pictures! So cute! Great review! I love that with some purchases they give back. As for our cat’s fave toys? I’d say our Binx likes anything that “moves!”

  14. Well, we have a new kitten – I found her when she was just two weeks old and bottle fed her until she could eat on her own. She’s very playful, too, and we really could use some new toys for her. She’s 12 weeks old now.

  15. Those are great natural mousies, mine isn’t so natural, but Granny doesn’t let me keep the natural mousies that I bring from wildlife…MOL :D Good Luck Pawkisses to everyone that enters the giveaway :) <3

  16. Wow, I had no idea of the incredible background Honest Kitchen had! I’m so happy that some of their products are made here in the US by people in need! I love how this company is giving back! I literally JUST gave my Husky a catfish stick I got from them at the BlogPaws conference – she went wild for it!! Awesome post, I’m so sharing this!!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  17. I just adopted a new cat who showed up at my door and he is super playful. All my other guys are old and lazy, i think my baby Snickers would love to try out these toys. he loves to play with the feather stick and he loves to pounce on my old fatty cats. thanks for the giveaway!

  18. This is great. I’m always looking for new toys for my cats that are also good for their health. Between my cats and all the kittens I foster these toys would definitely be put to good use.

  19. I got my niece’s cat the Eco Kitty Comet, and she totally loved it. We’ve been playing with her a bunch, and it’s been a blast. Also, I think it’s super cool how the company cares about the environment.