Leeroy and Finn, black cat and white cat

Yin Yang Kitty Bros: Leeroy and Finn

If you’re on Instagram and you’re a cat lover (who isn’t), then you should be following the Yin Yang Kitty Brothers known as Leeroy and Finn! Not only is the adopted duo adorable, but the human behind them, cat mom Julie Coker, takes beautiful photos of the pair. Let’s meet them now!

Sophie Interviews Leeroy and Finn

Sophie: Hello and meow! I’m very excited to be conducting my first kitty interview. Are you boys excited?

Leeroy: Meow.

Sophie: I shall take that as a yes. Leeroy, give me the lowdown on your fine self.

Leeroy: Finn and I live in Tennessee. I was born on December 27, 2014 and adopted on March 2, 2015. I hail from Young Williams Animal Center.

Sophie: Oooo, you’re almost a Christmas kitty! And Finn?

Finn: Why hello there, Sophie, you beautiful kitty, you. I graced the world with my presence on October 13, 2015 and mommy adopted me on January 9th this year. She found me at The Stray Connection!

Sophie: This one is for the cat momma! Why did you choose adoption over a pet store?

Cat Mom Julie: Though I don’t see anything wrong with buying a cat from a reputable breeder, I chose to adopt because it would be saving a life. These two and the ones before them have all been amazing blessings in our lives.

Sophie: What prompted you to start an Instagram account for your cats?

Cat Mom Julie: Haha! Well, I had seen a few cat accounts on Instagram and loved the idea. These two have their own fun(ny) story to tell and what better way than to share it with the world by telling it from their perspective.

Sophie: Leeroy, are there any other pets in the house besides Finn?

Leeroy: We have a few fish that Mom won’t let us ‘play’ with and a couple of non-furred human brothers I consider to be my pets.

2016-08-29_LeeroyFinn_09.jpgSophie: MOL! That’s too funny! I don’t have any pets of my own. Hey Finn, I’m pretty sure we’re kitty cousins or something. We’re both super gorgeous white cats. And we’re both the youngest. How did you get big brother Leeroy to like you? I’m still working on Olive! Any tips would be very helpful.

Finn: Well, Sophie, I was used to being around older brothers from my foster family and prefer being around Leeroy than anyone else. So, I gave him no choice but to love me as much as I love him. I wish you luck with Olive, I’m sure she will come around soon.

Sophie: Now Leeroy, I recently saw a picture of you in a crocheted cap. Why did you let your human put that on you? You’re giving our human ideas! (Although you did look quite handsome!)

Leeroy: Sophie, I’m 100% a Momma’s boy! I love being right next to her so I tolerate her making me a meowdel for one of her projects…especially when I know there will be treats in the end.


Sophie: Can you give us kitties any insight on how to look so good in photos? Does it just come naturally or do you work hard every night practicing your poses in the mirror?

Finn: We think all cats naturally look good in photos…besides, practicing poses in the mirror would take away from naptime!

Sophie: What’s a typical day like for you two? Bird watching? Red dot chasing? Napping?

Leeroy: We begin our day bright and early waking Mom for our breakfast, sometimes even before the sun comes up! We then burn off some energy by chasing each other around the house, of course there are several cat naps involved throughout the day. And if the weather is nice outside, we will hang out in our favorite spot in the entire house…the Catio!


Sophie: Do either of you have a favorite treat?

Finn: Yes, paws down our favorite treats are the Ciao Churu Purees.

Leeroy and Finn, white cat and black cat

Sophie: Hey, Cat Mom, what’s something fun you can share about yourself?

Cat Mom Julie: I’m not very good at talking about myself…and when I asked other friends what they thought…it was that I’m a Cool Cat Lady…hahaha!

Sophie: Of course that’s a given! What else?

Cat Mom Julie: Well, my Dad was in the Air Force. I was born in Germany and my Mom is from Thailand, and I’ve lived in several states in the US.


Sophie: Wow! I’ve only lived in one state. And I hope never to leave. Hey boys, what’s one last thing you can tell us about yourselves?

Finn: Well, here’s how we got our names. Mom thought I looked like an elf, so she named me after Galadriel’s Dad, Finarfin (Lord of the Rings) – Finn for short. And Leeroy reminded Mom of a character she had seen on a YouTube video…Leeroy Jenkins. Mom says that we both live up to our namesakes.

Sophie: Thanks for letting me interview you! That was fun. I hope all our readers will go take a look at your Instagram account (@leeroy.n.finn – “Showing the world adopted cats are awesome & living a lovingly balanced life in East TN.”). Your mom takes much better pictures than my mom. (But don’t tell my mom that, please!) And if we can borrow a line from our pal Brian – adopt cats, we deserve it! Now wave goodbye, boys!

I think Sophie did well for her first kitty interview, don’t you think so? Aren’t Leeroy and Finn a couple of cutie patooties? And Julie’s photography is gorgeous!

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  1. What a fabulous interview with two totally adorable and happy cats!! We don’t use Instagram so don’t know these cuties but are so happy to meet them…..they look like best buds!

    Hugs, sammy

  2. Sophie we thoroughly enjoyed meeting Finn and Leroy. These guys seem to have their act together. Their mom seems nice too. We don’t do Instagram or Twitter yet but when we do we will visit.

    Shoko and Kali