Pitties and Kitties

Pitties and Kitties is a new foster-based rescue group located in Lee’s Summit, Missouri that focuses on…you guessed it, pit bulls and cats!

Started just five months ago in March 2016, their mission statement is as follows: Pitties and Kitties is a 501(c)3 non-profit rescue dedicated to changing the lives of both pit bull type dogs and feral/stray cats in our community. We aim to alter the misconceptions of the pit bull breed and provide dogs in need a second chance by working with local rescues and pulling from high kill shelters. In addition, we will provide TNR assistance to feral cats and rescue those in need, placing them into our adoption program.

Rachel Pace is the founder of Pitties and Kitties and also plays the role of president, foster, admin and social media. So far, the new rescue has adopted out over 40 cats and dogs!

A Conversation with Rachel

What inspired you to rescue both pit bulls and cats?
Pitties are the most misunderstood breed of dog and I want to change that. And the cat population is very high and the need is great. We want to raise and bring awareness to the amazing pit bull breed and help/TNR cats in need. I just knew that I could do more and there can never be enough rescues.


What region/area do you cover?
While we are more community geared within the Kansas City area, we also do transport in and out of the state for animals facing euthanasia.

Being so new, what do you find most challenging in running your rescue? 
Getting the word out to adopt more animals through the rescue. Raising funds and supplies are mostly out-of-pocket.

Do you partner with any other rescues? 
Yes, we partner with Kitty City Kansas Rescue and Stray Angels.

This is angel Biggie Smalls, the mascot of the group. He was Rachel’s dog who recently went to heaven.

Is there anything else we should know about the rescue? 
We take in animals no matter what the health issue. We believe that they all deserve love and a happy ending.

What’s a fun fact about yourself? 
I started doing pit bull rescue on my own almost ten years ago. It turned into a passion, followed by the strong need to help the growing number of stray and feral cats. I have six rescued pit bulls and six rescued cats.


Thank you to Rachel Pace for sharing Pitties and Kitties with us and for being brave enough to follow her heart and start a rescue. You can follow them on Facebook. And if you’d like to donate to the group, you can also do so via Facebook.

Do you know anyone with a pitty and a kitty?

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30 thoughts on “Pitties and Kitties

  1. I don’t think I could love their name more! Even though I don’t consider myself a dog person, I love pit bulls (and Staffordshire terriers and English bull terriers!) and their bad rap makes me crazy. Sadly, they are banned here.

    1. Yes, they have such a cute name! That’s really too bad that pitties are banned in your area. Groups like this are trying to change the misconceptions on pitties just for that reason!

  2. Oh, I love this! And what a darling name. I never thought to much about the stigma associated with pitties until watching Pit Bulls and Parolees. They are such beautiful, loving dogs and it makes me sick how they are treated. Four paws up for Pitties and Kitties!

  3. Rachel is the best! We adopted Jax from her and I was lucky enough to help transport six kittens who were going to be put to sleep. Please share her story as there are so many pets who need our help and love. Rescue your new fur-ever friend today!!!

  4. Missouri is a tough state for pitties since breed specific legislation is allowed. They are banned or restricted in many jurisdictions. Add to that the misconceptions and owners who have them as status symbols instead of pets, and the outlook is unfortunate. I like the unique pairing of kitties and pitties … the symbolism is beautiful. Thank you to Rachel for creating this organization and helping so many!

  5. Fascinating name. It just makes you take a peek. I have very little to do with dogs and have found pit bulls at blame for several brutal attacks in our town. This does make one stand back and wonder about the safety of having pit bulls. However when I was working in the halfway house for male parolees, I met the kindest most loveable pit bull of one of the guys. The parolee adored his dog and the feeling was mutual. This dog was also playful and lovable to others…he didn’t bite me. My attitude changed forever after seeing this dog for several visits. I realize it’s how the dog is treated that is the determining factor. Doesn’t that make sense? If we were treated with distain and generally looked down upon, would we maybe not snap.


    1. You nailed it! It’s how the dog is treated that determines his behavior. And unfortunately, many people don’t realize that. Until like you, they come across a pit bull in person that helps them change their mind. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Kudos to Rachel for helping the pitties and kitties. Our ex-neighbor had a rescue pittie who was the sweetest dog. He used to let their young daughter do anything to him without going for her. I’d never do that.

  7. We adopted our pitty, Kai, from Rachel! She is amazing to work with and made sure that not only was Kai a good fit for us, but that we were a good fit for her too!

  8. What a lovely combination of rescues – pits and kits……..love this story and hope that it’s a huge success with a lot of support……….love all the photos too and we wish the very best to little Izzy – she is gorgeous!

    Hugs, Sammy

  9. Pitties and Kitties! What a wonderful name, and a beautiful mission! We’ve known and loved lots of pibbles and cats in our many years of rescue work, and many have been great pals. :)

  10. OMG, that final picture is precious. I love their mission – and the idea of pairing one of the most misunderstood breeds of dogs with feral cats who are also so misunderstood. Love and will definitely share!

  11. Oops I thought my post went through yesterday, but here goes… In Montreal the pit bull bred was recently outlawed unfortunately, after a spate of attacks on humans. Other cities now want to follow suit. The sad thing is that since the ban, people’s pet pit bulls have been the target of some cruel attacks 😿
    Whether you like pitbulls or not, there is no denying that there is a flurry of the cutest most adorable pittty and kitty interactions on YouTube! 👍

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