Sophie, white cat

A Handmade Sunday Selfie

Sophie here! I’m starring today in the Sunday Selfies, so let me get ready.

I’ll set the timer…

Position the camera…
Did I do that right?
Yeah, I think so…
…and 3, 2, 1…pose!

Handmade by BBL

With my gorgeous selfie out of the way, the Mama wanted me to show off the beautiful handmade items she won from Handmade by BBL in a reader giveaway. The Mama dabbles with handmade cards, but they are nowhere near as nice as what Bonnie sent. We have been following her blog for a while now and don’t actually recall how we stumbled upon it. But that’s the beauty of the worldwide web…finding others to connect with! And I give Bonnie four paws up on a personal level because she also included some catnip for us kitties! Shhh, don’t tell Olive. The nip is all mine!



Bonnie is also an animal lover! The Mama found out that Bonnie and her family have four cats and three dogs – all rescues! The cats are brothers Loki and Oliver, and siblings Bob and Wendy. Apparently Bob is named after Bob The Builder, as named by their son when he was young. The dogs are Rowdy (a Great Pyrenees), Muffin (a brown mixed breed) and Jake (rat terrier chihuahua).

four catsthree dogs and one cat

If you love crafts and handmade items, why not follow Handmade by BBL on Facebook and her blog!

The Cat on My Head

We’re joining The Cat on My Head for the Sunday Selfies blog hop!
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  1. Wow, Sophie! You did a great job with your selfie!

    Bonnie is very talented. Thanks for sharing about her crafts, and her dogs and cats, too. :)

  2. You did a fantastic job with the selfie Sophie. Congrats to your Mom for winning those pretty cards. Your Mom makes beautiful cards too, I framed the one she sent me. XO

  3. That was a superb selfie, Sophie, you gave us such a giggle 😹 And as always I get lost and drawn into that beautiful blue vortex of colour swimming in your eyes 😻
    Thanks for the share about the crafts website, I’d be checking that our for sure 👍

  4. I say, you have a double this week as that prize fro your peep is awesome, and those selfies are just right. Have a great week. PS do you give lessons in photography as my peep sure could do with some lessons!

  5. What great prizes! We love handmade things – one of a kind things………YAY! Love Love Love your selfie too Sophie – you’re a beautiful and very SOFT looking kitty!

    Love, Sammy

  6. Looks like you got a great shot Sophie. TW’s friend Wanda makes cards like that. We have a collection of them that she sends. My BF Parker is her cat and he sends me lots of cards for Valentine’s Day.