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Capturing the Beauty of Cats: Photography by Sabrina Boem

In the coming weeks, I will be introducing you to Sabrina Boem, an amateur photographer in Italy, who has found a passion for photographing stray and shelter cats.

As we meet her through a series of upcoming posts, each with a different photography focus (all cat-related, of course), Sabrina will also tell us of heartwarming stories that she has witnessed while spending time with these beautiful felines.

But until then, I want to share with you this moving compilation of her work with stray and shelter cats. I cannot tell you how much her photos have touched me. There really are no words to describe the feeling…it is just that – a feeling.

Sabrina truly captures the beauty and spirit of every cat she photographs.

Volume up while you enjoy this special video of cat photography by Sabrina Boem.

UPDATE: Pardon the interruption…We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the video, so here are some of Sabrina’s beautiful photos in its place. But it will be posted again at a later date!


Stay tuned for more from Sabrina and her gorgeous photography. Until then, you can follow Sabrina on Instagram (@sabrina_boem_photography).

Did you have a favorite photo?

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Rachel! :-)
    Absolutely touching. No more words or comments. They go directly to the heart, because they are made with the heart. With modesty and respect, I really love these photos.

  2. They are all beautiful photos. I really like the black cat one and the first one of the cat on the street, I wish I could adopt them all.

        1. Thank you, the whole experience of shooting stray and shelter cats was quite amazing itself. When I started I had no idea I would come this far both emotionally and as a photographer.

    1. Thank you, that’s exactly the reaction that I was hoping for. These are emotional shots, sometimes words are not enough to describe how we feel about something. Sometimes a WOW says it al …

    1. I shoot both color and b&w, the choice depends on my subject. B&w is more intense, I think it helps focus on the essential, especially when I’m shooting stray cats, I like the cat’s face and eyes and b&w gives the shot the special mood that I’m looking for. Plus b&w is timeless.

  3. The photos are beautiful and I love them all, but my favourites are the little white kitty and the face of the black cat with the huge luminous eyes.

  4. I just love black and white photography. My favorite photo is the second one. Look forward to your upcoming series❤

    1. Thank you so much for appreciating, that photo belongs to a special series called ‘Stray faces’. That project is still in progress but I’ve already shot some interesting subjects like that black cat.

  5. These are incredible – especially the one of the black cat. Maybe it’s the black and white, grainy quality, but her photographs feel very Italian – like some of the great Italian film makers.

    1. It’s hard for me to shoot my cats too and when I’m ou shooting stray cats I need my 70-200mm zoom, most of them hide when they hear me approaching. It’s very challenging shooting cata like this.

    2. Sometimes it’s very difficult to shoot stray cats because they hide as soon as they hear a noise, that’s why I shoot most of my photos with a 200mm zoom from a distance.

  6. wp is very finicky about where videos are hosted.. definitely preferring youtube. you can sometimes get around it and link to video hosted at other site by using the “embed” option, but not often.

  7. These photos are SO gorgeous! I love them all but the one taken in all black with just the cats eyes shining through is so moving, what an awesome photo.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  8. These are so beautiful! She has an amazing ability to capture the essence of black cats. I love these photos. The tabby cat is adorable too. You can tell she love these cats from the photos..

  9. Very beautiful artistic photos. The black and white really captures emotion especially for black cats. It is amazing what good photos can do for shelter cats- transformative.

  10. I love cat photos! When kitties are relaxed, it seems like the photos are just amazing!! These are just exceptional! Black and white photos are so artistic! The head study of the black cat was stunning!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words Eleanor. I did take a look, you’re lucky you have 12 cats who can ‘pose’ for you! Keep shooting, you’ll see what an amazing experience it can be, your b&w is very expressive. I’m following you now and I hope to see more from you.