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Little Cats Helping Big Cats (and giveaway!)

I’ve always thought that Dexter is a lion in the body of a little house cat (but don’t tell him that). When he stretches or yawns – or stands just so, I can see him at home in the Pride Lands, ruling his domain. Don’t you agree?


So, when I found out about the Little Cats Helping Big Cats campaign, I of course thought of my little Dexter and that he would love to help big cats. Really, it’s a perfect marriage of feline partnership, small and large joining forces. And I can’t be the only cat mom who feels this way about her house cats. Am I right? Aren’t they just little cats, but big at heart?

The Campaign

2016-07-25_LCHBC_Logo.jpgLittle Cats Helping Big Cats is a line of all-natural cat treats by H3 Essentials, which is a family owned pet company. H3 Essentials has partnered with, Pure Formulas, and Chris Poole of Cole & Marmalade to bring attention to and support the 501(c)3 group Big Cat Rescue.

2016-07-25_LCHBC01.jpgPoole says of the campaign, “We want pet lovers everywhere to know that all cats deserve our care—this campaign is intended to educate the public and give animal lovers a way to help big cats every day.”

I asked Susan Bass, Director of Public Relations at Big Cat Rescue, how they became involved in the campaign. “Steve Watters approached us about his idea to manufacture and sell domestic cat treats that would benefit the big cats at our sanctuary.”

It turns out that co-creator of the campaign, Steve Watters, took a family trip to Big Cat Rescue, and his son asked him how they could help the exotic cats. And thus, Little Cats Helping Big Cats was born!

Big Cat Rescue

If you’re not familiar with Big Cat Rescue, they are an accredited sanctuary in Tampa, Florida that is dedicated to helping abused and abandoned big cats – and their mission statement is “to provide the best home we can for the cats in our care, end abuse of big cats in captivity and prevent extinction of big cats in the wild.”

Although based in Florida, the group rescues exotic cats from across America and occasionally from other countries as well. And guess what? Big Cat Rescue also helps domestic kittens for the local Humane Society of Tampa Bay! You can learn more about their foster program at their website.

When I asked Susan if there was one thing people should know about Big Cat Rescue, she responded, “We are strongly advocating for a federal bill currently pending in Congress – the Big Cat Public Safety Act – that, once it becomes law, will phase out the private ownership of big cats in America and ban the public from having direct contact with cubs.” You can learn more about the Big Cat Act here.

The Cat Treats

The new line of freeze-dried cat treats from H3 Essentials are healthy, all-natural and made in the USA. They are available in four flavors to please any cat’s discerning palate – chicken, ahi tuna, rabbit, and whole minnows. The treats are grain free and gluten free. Each bag is $7.99 and every bag purchased helps feed the animals at Big Cat Rescue. Visit the H3 Essentials website to learn more about the cat treats.

Our friends at The Daily Pip have reviewed the treats! Why not take a peek and see what Rosie has to say about them?

About the Giveaway

When asked if Three Chatty Cats would like to help support the Little Cats Helping Big Cats campaign by hosting a giveaway of the cat treats, we of course jumped at the opportunity. Not only do five – count ’em – five lucky readers get four bags of cat treats each, but more importantly, we’re able to bring awareness to the wonderful Big Cat Rescue!

Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only, 18+ years in age, except where prohibited by law. Five (5) total winners will each win four (4) bags of the Little Cats Helping Big Cats treats, one flavor each. Each winner can only win once. Winners will be selected randomly by Rafflecopter. Each winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the prize, and a new winner will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter. The giveaway closes on August 27, 2016 at noon Pacific.

Week 1 winner to be selected on July 30, 2016 after noon Pacific.
Week 2 winner to be selected on August 6, 2016 after noon Pacific.
Week 3 winner to be selected on August 13, 2016 after noon Pacific.
Week 4 winner to be selected on August 20, 2016 after noon Pacific.
Week 5 winner to be selected on August 27, 2016 after noon Pacific.

Enter the giveaway!

If you’re unable to click above, please click here to enter the giveaway.

Disclosure: Three Chatty Cats was asked if we would like to try the treats to promote the campaign, but we preferred to pass along the treats to our readers in the form of a giveaway. We only share information we feel would be relevant to readers.

Watch Cole & Marmalade’s video to learn more about Little Cats Helping Big Cats and Big Cat Rescue.

Have you ever visited Big Cat Rescue or a sanctuary for big cats?

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  1. Oh Wow! Thanks for highlighting this great topic. I love initiatives like this that raise awareness of our endangered majestic big cats. I have visited a sanctuary called Cheetah Outreach in my hometown of Cape Town, South Africa. Whenever I go back to visit, I have to go see the cheetahs. It’s an educational and community based programme involved in raising awareness of the plight of this beautiful cat in the wild.

    I would love to see private ownership of big cats banned in the U.S. As you know so many of these big cats are declawed and suffer tremendously. It’s just wonderful what these big cat rescues are doing and they all need our support.

  2. Connie, over at Tales from the Foster Kittens had an awesome video last week of her latest kittens enjoying the minnows! And who doesn’t love the Big Cat Sanctuary videos! They make my heart sing. (Once it gets past that they have to live in captivity. :-( ) So glad to hear about the “Big Cat Public Safety Act”. Sadly, we have no such federal law here (in Canada).

  3. Thanks for sharing the info on the Big Cat Public Safety Act. I hadn’t heard about this, but would definitely like to learn more. Rosie highly recommends the chicken treats!

  4. Oh me cats and kittens. Fureeeeeeeze Dried treats!!! Dat’s me’s favorite. And now Raena luvs ’em too. Dat means me has to share. MOL So of course we’s wanna win. But this is a pawsum cause. We sure hope da bill passes. Dat would be pawsum. “course it’s da enfurcin’ of da laws dat really need to happen. Paws crossed here fur lots of reasons. Fanks fur sharin’.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

      1. OMC WooHoo!!!!!!! Treats be comin’ our way sis Dezi. I’s just luvs me some treats. I’s just can’t wait. Fank you, fank you, fank you. I’s gonna eat me a little fishy. Sure ’nuff. I’s saw da foto of those little fishies and mommy said ifin we’s won I’s could have ’em, eyes and all.

        Luvs ya’

        Raena and Dezi

  5. The head peep has visited Big Cat Rescue. About a year and a half ago, and about 15 years before that. It’s an amazing place, and we think it’s fantastic that they are getting so much support from H3 Essentials. We’ll have to check them out.

  6. We’d love to visit Big Cat Rescue some day. Thanks for sharing about the Big Cat Public Safety Act. We hope the bill becomes law!

  7. Great blog about an important topic – BIG CATS and keeping them in our world. The Public Safety Act must become law – we have to protect all animal species but obviously the beautiful big boys are in our hearts since we all picture ourselves as BIG and strong as they are. We’d love to visit the Rescue some day – has to be an amazing place. Thanks for making everyone aware – awareness is the START of big things. We entered the giveaway – I’m always happy to try new treats!

    Love, Sammy

  8. I’d love to go there and learn how to growl and roar like they do. I don’t eat freeze dry treats but would love to try those minnow ones and give the rest to the TNR to help catch some little cats.. Big cats are pawsome.

  9. Love the video! Just amazing. The BIG cats opening the bags reminded me of Rufus whenever I forget to hide the bag after a treat session.
    We’d like to try them.
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser, and Rufus the Red

  10. I love Big Cat Rescue! They do amazing work for those big cats. I think that using treats for little cats is a great idea. I think my kitties may just have to try some of these!