Sunday Selfies…Interrupted


“Hey, Sophie”

Yes, Mama?

“It’s Sunday Selfie time.”

I almost forgot! I better get cleaned up.


Dexter, you’re walking through my shot!
How rude!

The Cat on My Head

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Poor Sophie. She wishes you a Happy Sunday.

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30 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies…Interrupted

  1. Dexter totally photobombed you, Sophie. Good job giving him the raspberry!

    Love this series of photos … so cute!

  2. So cute! I think that you look perfect, Sophie. Those photobombers always seem to be around when you finally get the a great pose happening. It must be something about those silly kitties named Dexter. :)

  3. MOL :D Photobombers..they are everywhere..MOL… but your Selfies turned out beautifully, Sophie…and clean…That paw must have taste real good… :D Pawkisses for a not-so-hot Day :) <3

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