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Blog the Change for Animals – Rescue Roundup #BtC4A

1-Blog-the-Change.pngBlog the Change for Animals is something new to me, but I’ve recently learned that it is a quarterly opportunity for bloggers to post about an animal-related cause that is near and dear to that blogger’s heart. I think this is just fantastic!

I immediately started researching more about this campaign and found out that your post can support a favorite cause or shelter, mention a foster or friend doing good, or talk about a cause-related topic in general.

Coincidentally, I had been planning to do a Rescue Roundup of all of the animal rescues that I’ve featured thus far on my blog, intending to post it on July 20th as a way to mark my blog’s six month anniversary (hey, it’s the little things in life, right?). But after finding out about Blog the Change for Animals, I thought I’d move the roundup ahead five days.

So, without further ado, please check out all of these wonderful animal rescues that have been profiled on my blog to date – 17 to be exact. Some may be cat-only rescues, some may have a shelter or be a network of foster homes – but there is one thing that they all absolutely have in common – they love and care about animals!

The Zoo Rescue (Alabama)


This is the profile that kicked off my animal rescue focus. The Zoo Rescue is a wonderful rescuing duo in Southern Alabama who cares for cats and dogs in need. They find them homes if they can, but the cats and dogs have a forever home with The Zoo if they can’t be re-homed (unfortunately it’s hard to find good homes in their area). Read Profile

The Odd Cat Sanctuary (Massachusetts)


When I asked The Odd Cat Sanctuary how they got their name, they said: “Odd cats are our interest. They’re the least likely to be adopted, they’re usually on death row with no hope in sight, and they’re listed for free on Craigslist, where there is a good chance they will be taken by someone who does not have any interest in their well-being. Additionally, they’re the cats that are abandoned, neglected, or abused.” Read Profile

SLU Campus Cat Coalition (Louisiana)


Did you ever think about starting a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program while you were in college? Well, this group of students thought about it and DID IT! Seeing the need on their campus, they formed SLU Campus Cat Coalition and they stepped up to help their campus cats. The student-run group performs TNR and also adopts out the friendly kittens they come across. Read Profile

OC Small Paws (California)

OC Small Paws

A small network of foster families, the mission of OC Small Paws is to provide healthcare and temporary housing for homeless animals as well as actively search for loving, permanent homes for those animals in their care. Read Profile

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society (Nevada)

HCWS Featured

When the five original founders of Heaven Can Wait Animal Society learned that 30,000 adoptable cats and dogs were being euthanized each year in the Las Vegas area, they knew they had to do something. So, they founded Heaven Can Wait Animal Society in January of 2000. Since starting, they have adopted out 8,000 pets over the years and spayed/neutered 10,000 to 13,000 each year! Read Profile

The Devoted Barn (Michigan)

The Devoted Barn

The Devoted Barn does it all – they rescue dogs, cats and many types of farm animals. Started by one amazing woman, Melissa dedicates her heart and soul to the animals she rescues. The Devoted Barn was voted Shelter of the Year by the Westminster Dog Show in early 2016. Read Profile

Ohio Alleycat Resource (Ohio)

Ohio Alleycat Resource

Ohio Alleycat Resource started in 1998 when a group of citizens came together to form an organization that embraced TNR as a humane method of controlling populations of feral cats. They also established a small animal rescue to find homes for the tame cats they came across. Their website is an excellent source to learn more about TNRRead Profile

Patricia H. Ladew Foundation (New York)


What makes the Patricia H. Ladew Foundation unique from other rescues is that the Ladew cats live in a home-like atmosphere with outdoor runs so that they have a nice place to wait while they are in between homes. The group is run by a veterinarian, Susan Whittred, DVM, who is also the New York Co-Director of The Paw ProjectRead Profile

Cats Protection, Preston Branch (United Kingdom)

Cats Protection, Preston

Cats Protection, Preston Branch is a registered charity that rescues and re-homes stray and abandoned cats and kittens in the UK. Founded in 1985, the Preston Branch was started by a small group of volunteers as part of the national charity Cats Protection. Their vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs. Read Profile

Save the Cats Arizona (Arizona)

Save the Cats Arizona

Save the Cats Arizona is a no-kill cat rescue and cage-free sanctuary. Their mission is “to provide hope to cats who are at risk from an unhealthy environment or harm at the hand of humans. 40+ volunteers care for around 75 to 100 felines at any given time in our sanctuary, foster homes, and adoption center. Our less adoptable cats are guaranteed a home in our Sanctuary for the remainder of their life.” Read Profile

Army of Ferals (California)

Army of Ferals

Army of Ferals was started by a husband and wife team, Eric and Estyr, who do TNR work and also care for cat colonies. They feed the colonies every day, provide outside cat homes when possible, take them in for vet visits when needed, and anything else they can do to make them feel comfortable. Read Profile

Howard County Cat Club (Maryland)

Howard County Cat Club

Howard County Cat Club was started in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Missy Zane’s cat sitting services and was her way of giving back to the community. The group is dedicated to keeping cats out of shelters. And while they run a typical cat rescue and adopt out cats, they also operate a behavior hotline to help cats and their human companions resolve their differences. Read Profile

Itty Bitty Kitty Committee (West Virginia)


Dorella, one of the founders of Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, said that instead of being the person who comments on a Facebook post and says she wishes someone would do something, she decided that she would become one of the people who actually did do something. Through a network of fosters, the group is dedicated to helping cats and kittens who would otherwise remain voiceless. Read Profile

The Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Inc. (California)

black cat with Peter Zippi Fund logo

Started in memory of a young vet tech who died in a small plane crash, The Peter Zippi Memorial Fund Inc. has been helping cats since 1977. For the past eight years, PZF has been making spay/neuter financial assistance a big part of their mission. They have provided around 10,000 vouchers in that time. Since 1977, The Peter Zippi Memorial Fund has adopted out about 14,000 animals. Read Profile

Meow Village (Oregon)

gray cat in tree

Meow Village is the only feral cat “rescue” in Oregon and their focus is trapping feral cats/kittens and relocating them to barn homes via their “Barn Livin’ is the Life for Me” relocation program. The group does take in stray, abandoned and abused cats as well. They have no physical shelter, but have approximately 15 foster homes and a core volunteer staff of about seven who do all the trapping, transporting for spay/neuter, and delivery to barn homes. They had 614 rescues in 2014 and 757 rescues in 2015! Read Profile

Avalo Cat Sanctuary (South Carolina)

Avalo Cat Sanctuary

What makes Avalo Cat Sanctuary unique is that they take in domesticated hybrids and small exotic felines that have particular needs, require medical attention, or can simply no longer remain with their human guardian for whatever reason. The sanctuary takes in domestic cats as well. Read Profile

Change One Life (Canary Islands of Spain)

gray and white cat

Change One Life is a cat rescue in the Canary Islands of Spain. They provide a sanctuary for abandoned cats, all of which have been rescued in the Southern area of Tenerife Island. The rescue does not re-home any of the cats, but has instead promised them a forever home at their Sanctuary. Read Profile

Happy Blog the Change for Animals Day!

I hope you help spread the word and give your cats and dogs and pigs and rabbits and turtles and ferrets and ALL ANIMALS a hug today and every day. Let’s continue to blog about and be the change for animals!

Want to read more Blog the Change for Animals posts? This is a blog hop, hosted by Heart Like A Dog. And if you have a #BtC4A post to share, click here to enter your link.

I need your help to reach my Profile Goal. I want to highlight at least one cat rescue from each of the 50 U.S. states. Can you help me get there? Please leave a comment or send an email with the name of a rescue group that you know or love and I will reach out to them. Thank you to all the reader suggestions that have gotten me to where I am thus far!

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  1. Amazing organizations! Thank you for highlighting the work the do. Cats Haven Cat Sanctuary in Indianapolis is a wonderful organization worth checking out.

  2. Oh my heart is so full after reading through this post – there are so many organizations and so many caring people helping animals in need……it’s such a HUGE problem too and I don’t think many people realize that. Kindness shown brings kindness home and everyone who is involved in TNR and helping animals in need deserves our thanks – I know the animals that are being cared for are thankful!

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)

  3. I am glad you posted a round up as I had missed quite a few of these and will now go back and read through them. I LOVE The Odd Cat Sanctuary – the name got me right away. Do you know where in MA they are located? I didn’t see it in the post. I will be out there in August and would love to visit them depending where they are located

  4. There are so many good groups out there. We are fond of Sav_r_cats (http://sav-r-cats.com) in Myrtle Beach, SC. I volunteered there after volunteering at the Humane Society and feeling like I was spitting in the ocean. H.S. kept over 200 cats in small cages without any for interaction. S.R.C. has several at a time in large cages and many others don’t have a cage. Plus they let most of them out when someone is there. That is where I found Chris.

  5. What a wonderful roundup of so many amazing rescues! It’s so encouraging to know others are doing rescue work, too. :)