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Review & Giveaway: Smiling Paws Pets Litter Mat

I’m very excited to be doing my first official product review and giveaway. While I haven’t done any reviews up until this point, I want to be able to provide readers with information so they can make an informed decision on certain products that may be of interest to them. I will also let you know what the company is doing to help cats in need. And when available, you can also enter the giveaway for your chance to try the product as well!

So, let’s do this…let’s talk about litter. More specifically, let’s talk about litter mats!

∗∗∗This post contains an affiliate link.∗∗∗

Smiling Paws Pets contacted me before I headed off to BlogPaws and offered me the opportunity to review their litter mat. It arrived right before I headed to the conference, but I have now had ample time to use and review the mat. Let me be clear and offer the good ol’ disclosure notice right up there, front and center!

Disclosure: I was provided with a free litter mat from Smiling Paws Pets in exchange for my honest review. All opinions stated here are my own. Three Chatty Cats only shares information we feel would be relevant to readers. Smiling Paws Pets is not responsible for the content of this blog post.

The Review

The product arrived all rolled up and held tight in its packaging, which included basic instructions on it as well. I did what the instructions said and left the litter mat in direct sunlight to remove all the fold marks. Worked like a charm.

Here’s the cute kitty on the mat, and you can see here what the mat surface looks like that grabs the litter pieces.

One of our litter areas is in a closet in a high traffic area. I decided to use the litter mat for this location to see if it would reduce the need to sweep.

Here’s the litter mat halfway in and halfway out of the closet.

Sophie was a little hesitant at first to step on the mat. She of course did the necessary sniff-check and then gingerly placed her paw on the mat. She didn’t like it and quickly removed said paw. She then danced around the mat, trying to figure out how to get into the closet without stepping on the mat. Hmmm…

Olive didn’t care one bit and walked right on the mat and into the closet, which of course made Sophie want to do it, too. “Whatever she can do, I can do better…” Right? The mat material is soft and not course to walk on. I find it quite soothing. (Only joking. Sort of.) Sophie’s hesitation lasted all of about 30 seconds after she saw Olive standing on it. And as you can see below, she found her way into the litter closet just fine.

Line up at the bathroom! Sophie in the litter closet and Olive politely waiting her turn.
Dexter tries out the mat. “Ma! Can I get a little privacy?”

The Verdict

The Smiling Paws Pets Litter Mat has definitely reduced the amount of litter tracked outside of the closet. Do I still sweep daily? Yes. But that’s more because I don’t want ANY litter outside the area. I usually sweep once in the morning after the evening’s ∗ehem∗ activities, and I come up with less errant litter than before! Yay!


  • 35 in x 23.5 in
  • BPA Free
  • Liquid & Water Proof
  • Anti-Skid Backing
  • Available in three colors: black, brown and gray

Doing Good

As most of you know, my blog has been focused on featuring cat rescues and profiling people who do their part to help cats. So, I thought it was only natural to ask Smiling Paws Pets about their efforts to help cats in need.

They advised that they currently contact various charities and rescues several times a year to reach out with a helping hand. They have been donating their products and are looking to expand their process by also working together with other brands to do joint donations. Most recently, Smiling Paws Pets has donated their products to Mad For Animals Inc and A Place For Cats Inc.


(The giveaway is now closed.)

Okay, folks, it’s time for the giveaway! Smiling Paws Pets has allowed us to give away one litter mat to a lucky reader. U.S. residents only. If you are an international entrant, you can choose a U.S. friend or rescue/shelter to have the item sent to. The giveaway closes on July 21, 2016 at noon Pacific.

To enter the giveaway: 1) leave a blog comment on this page below on which color mat you would like if you’re the lucky winner (black, brown or gray), and then 2) click the graphic below to enter the giveaway!

Enter the giveaway!

If you’re unable to click above, please click here to enter the giveaway.

You can purchase the litter mat on Amazon.

Do you currently use a litter mat in your litter area?

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  1. I love the grey please it makes the image of the black cat stand out well, and as a black cat owner this would be fab X

  2. I like this mat. Mom needs this as we’re messy and drag the litter from the bathroom into the hall. We have a friend in the US and if we will will supply you with her address.


  3. Now that is the cutest litter mat I’ve ever seen! I like the gray one with the little black cat on it :)

  4. We’ve never used a litter mat before … but Momma’s getting frustrated because we just switched to a better clumping litter that tracks EVERYWHERE when the old one didn’t. Feels silly to have to choose between better clumping and less tracking! We’d love to try the gray one! I also like the size – it’s not tiny either!

  5. I haven’t used a litter mat before, but I could definitely use one. I think I would like the grey mat.

  6. That mat looks great, and we’d love to give it a try. I guess the gray one would be our choice. :)

  7. First of all we love your “litter closet” with the little doorway……that’s totally cool! Secondly, that mat looks like the kind of surface that would trap litter stuck on paws for sure. I’d give it a whirl – I don’t currently have a litter mat though so not sure how I’ll react if I have one. I like the gray color like yours!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  8. Great review! We don’t use a litter mat currently but this one looks great and we’d love to have it in gray if we were lucky enough to win!

  9. Gray and send to The Zoo if I win. I had those same cat doors in a previous house, loved them. Thanks!!

  10. Love the kitty powder room and door! Thanks for the review and the mat looks like it would do a good job. Ok, so now can we have 12 grey mats please? Just kidding MOL! One will do :)

  11. I like the gray one. Thanks for having the give away- I love the entrance to the place of privacy.
    We have a mat in front of one of our litter boxes. It works pretty well. I wish it had come with instructions on how to flatten it out. Well, now I know how! It would be nice to have a second one.

  12. Congrats on your first review and giveaway, great job! This mat is adorable and larger than I expected. These mats are so helpful, I hate when the litter gets all over the house.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  13. I love that you have that little cat door there! What a great idea! Glad the mat worked out well. I need one of those. We have a covered litter box and still the boys manage to make a mess. I know they do it on purpose.

  14. Great post! This is such a clever product and I’m glad you were able to test it out! What happens when you need to clean the mat? Do you just shake it outside?

    I also love that you make sure to highlight the company’s efforts to give back. That is hugely important and I’m glad they have campaigns that align with your areas of focus!

  15. Hi! We love the mats and the brown is purrrrrfect for us! We track our litter onto the hardwood floors all the time. Mom says these mats are a great idea!!

  16. Don’t know how we missed your review, but it’s great. We luv da brown. Glad ya’ll like it too. A little secret…mommy thinks it’s kinda relaxin’ to walk on bare footed too. She says she would put on in da kitchen fur when she has to stand up and do da dishes ifin she could. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena