white cat in Ripple Rug

Sunday Selfies with the Ripple Rug

Ripple Rug logoSophie here! The Mama won the Ripple Rug at BlogPaws from the Cat Style Lounge that was hosted by Hauspanther. She had seen some pictures and videos circulating on the world wide web thingy and had even looked into ordering one. But when I started showing myself as a kitty who liked chewing on various rugs throughout the house, she decided against it. I used to get a fat lip from it, likely an allergy to the rubber on the bottom of the rugs, so she thought better about getting one. I get blamed for everything!

Anyway, the Mama was super excited to win the Ripple Rug. She figured she’d see how I did with it and maybe, just maybe, I would be over my obsession of chewing on rugs. So far so good!

Now let me tell you, this is the most awesome, coolest, neatest rug around! We kitties thought we’d do our Sunday Selfies with our new BFF, the Ripple Rug! And nope – no one is paying me to tell you this! I just wanted to let you know how awesome this rug is. Here are our selfies to prove it – with a bonus video as well.

tabby cat lying on Ripple RugSophie playing on Ripple Rugtortie cat playing in Ripple Rugtabby cat playing on Ripple rugwhite cat in Ripple Rug

The Cat on My Head

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Do you have a Ripple Rug? If not, are you gonna make your mom or dad get you one?

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  1. I think me and TKS would totally like that ripple rug. Mom L saw it but had no idea how it worked. Way cool. Mom L won a small rectangular sleepy pod, too small for us so we donated to our former shelter. I’ll send her back to get a photo.

  2. We had never heard before heard of a Ripple Rug. That’s so cool, and we know some cats who would absolutely love it. :)

  3. As we’ve said before…WE. WANT. ONE! Sophie, you and your pals sure are enjoying the purrrrfect Sunday morning with your new rug. Now stay away from the other house rugs, you don’t want to get the fat lip again! 😹😽 If you do, then your mama will have to post a pic and you don’t want that!

  4. glad to see I am not the ONLY one who gets a “fat lip” from chewing on things! When I am mad at my Mama for not feeding me fast enough, I chew on the leaves of my Pet Tree House cat tree. I can’t EAT the leaves, but I love to chew on them to aggravate my Mom. Every time I do that, I get a fat lip! One year at BlogPaws Mom won a giant scratcher which she ended up giving to my human step sister because I wouldn’t use it! Her cats LOVE it!!! Mom has seen that rug and likes it, but the only place we have room enough to use it is in the living room and she doesn’t want to get one cause she is afraid Dakota will get in the middle of everything if I try to play with it. Glad you like yours so much!! Enjoy!!!! Love, Cody

  5. Hi Sophie, that rug looks so much fun. I’m thinking I could lose a couple of mice in there and still be chasing them a day later, brilliant. Have a wonderful and safe 4th July. purrs ERin

  6. How did we miss the Ripple Rug in the Cat Lounge? It looks really cool and I bet our bunny sister Lulu (we are a tri-species household) would love this, too. The pictures and video are adorable.

  7. The mom saw that ripple rug at BlogPaws and thought it was pawsome…something that we would really like. You guys are lucky to have won it. It does look like fun. Maybe the mom will get us one!

  8. I’ve never heard of a ripple rug but it looks pawsome!!! Concats on your win!

  9. Oh Sophie!! What a hoot that rug is. We like it and want one. We always want a fun item. Just be cause we’re Canadians, that doesn’t mean we’re boring. Show us where to sign up. We have an American address if by some slim chance we win.


  10. Whoa! That rug is PAWSOME!! TW never wins anything at Blogpaws for me. Miss Kate gave her litter and socks last year as a consolation prize. I definitely need one of those cos I love making a rug fort.

  11. Cooooool. We’s seen dat and wanted one but they be a little ‘spensive mommy said. Ya’ll really look like you’re enjoyin’ it. Have fun.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  12. Guys the ripple rug looks fabulous fun & we’re all soooooooo jealous!!! MOL MOL

    Going to have to get the P.A. to see if there’s anything like it available in the UK :D


    Basil & Co xox

  13. Hey Sophie,
    Alberto here. That ripely-rug thingy looks cool. The female human has put something called a “moratorium” on the cool cat stuff she brought home from BligPaws. Seems she’s still not happy about that little “total destruction” incident with the PetSafe water filter. Sheesh, we were just doing what kittens do. Enjoy your rug and take my advice,,DONT CHEW ON IT!”
    your Friend Al