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Tortie Talk Tuesday

Olive here! I’ve got some important announcements for you today on this Tortie Talk Tuesday. So, let’s not waste any of your valuable time and get right to it!

1. Today is My Gotcha Day!

The most important announcement of the day, obviously, is that today is My Gotcha Day! I’ve been living with the Moms and Pops for five whole years now. You can read all about how I came to live with them in this post here. Naturally, June 7th of 2011 was a pretty awesome day for them (you know, since I graced them with my presence). So, Happy Gotcha Day to myself. I know the Moms and Pops will try to give me extra hugs and kisses today. But all I really want is some tuna. It’s a rarity around these parts, which I intend to change. (You can read more about that in announcement #4.)

The Moms made a “Found Kitten” sign and used this picture. No one called about me, so I stayed!
Here I am getting a bath from big brother Dexter.
It’s kitten me!

2. June is “Adopt a Shelter Cat Month” (#adoptdontshop)

No, my humans will not be adopting a shelter cat this month, but we want to do our part and spread the word, so here I am telling you that it’s “Adopt a Shelter Cat Month” – which you may already have known anyway. The Moms and Pops got to see lots of shelter cats and kittens this past weekend at the Best Friends NKLA Super Adoption Event in Los Angeles. They went for fun, of course, because I let them know that they were not allowed to bring home another cat (or worse, another dog). If you’re not familiar with NKLA, it is Best Friend’s “No-Kill Los Angeles” initiative that launched in 2012, with the objective to make it a no-kill city.

NKLA’s goal for this past weekend’s super adoption event was to adopt out 500 animals. And the results are in…they adopted out 520 cats and dogs at the event as well as five bunnies! That is 525 lives saved and over 500 homes made happier. So remember, if you’re going to add a pet to your household, please adopt.

Pictures from the NKLA event
(Yes, that is MY mother hold a kitten in that picture. How dare she!)

3. An adoption series of posts is on the way

To help spread the word, the Moms will be starting a series of posts about cat adoptions. Each post will look at a different aspect or something to consider when adopting a cat. First up next week will be about adopting black cats, an often overlooked color of cat. We will meet three lucky adopted black cats and also see beautiful pictures of black shelter cats.

This beauty is Shadow.

4. Does anyone want my Kitty Cat Pawty button?

The Moms had asked the birdies to make a couple of tweets about me and my running mate Oliver from Feline Opines, but no one took me up on my button offer! That makes me a little sad. But that means that Oliver and I have plenty of buttons to hand out at BlogPaws, which happens in just a couple week’s time. With the Kitty Cat Pawty, Oliver and I want to do things like help homeless kitties and implement a mandatory tuna day.

Anyway, the Moms is very excited to be attending the conference later this month. Hey, if you’re attending too, why not tell the Moms in the comment section below and she’ll be sure to find you and give you one of our spiffy buttons. She sure is hoping to meet lots of fellow bloggers at the conference – and the human over at Feline Opines came up with this great way to make introductions. So, tell my human assistant the Moms if you want a button!

Kitty Cat Pawty - "Give me a button"

That’s all I’ve got for today’s Tortie Talk Tuesday, folks. Hope you’re having a fabulous day. I know it’s probably a little better after hearing from me. (You’re welcome.) ~Olive

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  1. Happy gotcha day!!! We must have not read the post about the button too carefully because we’d like a button! We won’t be able to attend blogpaws could you snail mail it?

    1. Yes! Olive’s human assistant will be giving the Moms the buttons at the conference. So when we get back, we will mail you one! You can give us your address through the Contact page. Thank you for being the first to want my button!!!! Maybe you’ll get a special prize, too! :-)

  2. Happy Gotcha Day! I would like a button too. I won’t be attending BlogPaws though. If you mail one I can send some money through PayPal (if you have PayPal), thanks.

    1. Yay! Taker #2! My human assistant will happily send you a button after the conference. No need to PayPal, but thank you! You can give us your address through the Contact page.

  3. Hi Olive,
    Oliver (your running mate) here. I love your story. Alberto and I (and the other 3 Tribe of 5) are all rescues and our human lackey..errrr purrsonal assistant loves to help out at our shelter. Al and I were fosters but the humans couldn’t bear to adopt us out so here we are (great news for us but not so much for the humans, our shelter director refers to them as “Foster Failures” but she says it with a smile).

    Well, back to the campaign trail!
    Your Friend and Running mate from the Kitty Cat Pawty, Oliver

  4. Olive HAPPY GOTCHA DAY……that’s a HUGE day in all our lives when we celebrate getting our “forever” ! I hope it’s been a day of FUN and treats………’s to celebrating MANY more of these awesome anniversaries!

    Hugs, Sammy

  5. Happy Gotcha Day Olive! I am glad you gotcha’d a great home. I wish I were going to Blog Paws so I could get a button.

  6. You’re such a beautiful girl, Olive! I bet your Moms and Pops give thanks for you every day. My Momma says it’s mandatory that our Moms find each other at the conference – your Mom is at the very top of her list. I briefly considered a run last year, but I will support your ticket if you promise to ban declawing and mandate that every cat must have a home with a Momma that loves him as much as mine loves me. (
    ~Bear Cat

    1. For sure they will find each other! The Moms just read your Bear for President post. I think you’d be heavy competition, so I think it’s best that you sit out this year. But don’t worry, we’ll work on declawing and a home for every cat. Perhaps you can head a committee.

  7. Happy Gotcha Day Olive!!!!

    Oh don’t tell our P.A. your mom is going to Blogpaws, the P.A. so wanted to go this year… ah well purhaps we’ll let her go next time!


    Basil & Co xox

  8. Happy Gotcha Day, Olive! I sure hope you got some tuna! Gosh, you were a cute kitten! Looking forward to your adoption posts next week! We love black kitties and have never understood why they have a hard time getting adopted.

  9. Happy Gotcha Day, Olive! I think you hit the jackpot five years ago! I’m really excited to learn more about cat adoption from your upcoming posts!

  10. Whoa! Happy Gotcha Day Olive. How did I miss your post about the buttons? We won’t be going to BP this year since I’m not a finalist for anything. Good luck on your categories. No tuna?? That’s a crime ’round these parts.