tabby cat with green eyes

Almost Wordless Wednesday with Dexter

Dexter loves lounging on one chair in particular in my office, and I have a blue blanket on that chair. When the sun shines through the big sliding glass door, and if he’s positioned just right, it makes his right eye appear blue. But move the camera an inch, and the illusion is gone. The header image above shows his normal green eyes. The two images below illustrate the one blue eye. Has anyone else seen something like this?

tabby cat

tabby cat

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  1. Very cool! When I first came to live here my eyes were amber most of the time and green the rest of the time. Then they just turned green. Pop’s blue eyes turn green or gray depending on the clothes he wears. Nonetheless, Dexter is a handsome cat.

  2. Beautiful eyes! Athena’s eyes change in the light too, plus she has two shades of green in both eyes. Sometimes her eyes look emerald green, sometimes they are light with a greyness to them. As for Mum here, I only have boring brown eyes!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  3. He’s very handsum. And his eye are gawjus. We’s not aware of Hazelness in kitties, it’s purrobably just da light. Sis Lexi has deep green eyes, but da light would cause them to glow golden green. She never got “red eye” just da golden color. It’s purrobably somethin’ like dat.

    Luv ya’


  4. That is very cool. Millie has one green eye and one blue, but the blue usually shows up red in photos. Your camera must be a lot better than ours.Dexter is handsome with any color eyes :)

  5. Wow, Dexter! That is so cool!! Simon and BobbieSue both have green eyes but I’ve never noticed them if they changed or not! I’ll have to look closer!!

  6. Gorgeous kitty, and those photos are great to show how his eye “changes” color. I’ve never seen that in a pet before, buy my hubby’s eyes really change color depending on the lighting and what he’s wearing. THey are mostly blue, but can change to more of a sea-green or a blue-gray depending.

  7. That is so cool! It’s nice to meet some new kitties! I have a kitty brofur named Rhette, his mom died and my mom took him. Love Dolly

  8. That’s really cool! We have never seen anything quite like that. Pierre’s eyes can vary from vivid green to nearly gray, depending on the light, but that’s nowhere near the level of color change in those photos. You’re very talented, Dexter!

  9. Dexter is a very handsome fella! I love that his eye changes color with lighting/angle. :) That is really a unique feature. Manna’s eyes are a beautiful green when I get them in the right lighting.

  10. Isn’t there a song about that? … don’t it make your brown eyes, blue? – Never seen that before but Dexter is gorgeous. – Your friends at DogDaz (Cats2) Zoo

  11. Neat. Like the blue/green eyes effect. Sam for real had one blue and one … green? can’t remember. The one blue was so striking, we never paid attention to the color of the other eye.

  12. What a handsome dude you are, Dexter! We’ve had a few cats at the shelter whose eyes would change color, depending upon the light. Always cool to see!