Photo Fun Friday with Olive

Olive here! I’ve finally taken over the blog from that Sophie, who thinks everything belongs to her. Well, it doesn’t! I lived with the Moms and Pops first (if you don’t count Dexter, and I never do), so the humans are mine! Sophie came three years later, which is three years too late to claim anything!

Now moving right along…For my Photo Fun Friday post, I’d like to show you some gorgeous pictures of myself and some less than flattering ones of my bratty sister.

What do you think? Who’s the more beautiful creature? Actually, no need to answer…we all know it’s me.

This is me posing so nicely for the Moms.

And this is Sophie…being Sophie.

I think my point is proven. And with that out of the way, I would like to let you know that I, Olive, have been selected as Oliver’s running mate for the Kitty Cat Pawty. I would very much appreciate it if you would hop on over to Feline Opines to read An Important Purrresidential Announcement from Alberto in his official press box. Oliver and I look forward to our mommies spreading our campaign platforms at BlogPaws (like helping homeless kitties). We thank you for your support. Be sure to follow Feline Opines and Three Chatty Cats on Twitter for more fun leading up to the conference in June.

Happy Friday, everyone! ~Olive

Does your mom take unflattering photos of you or your kitty siblings?

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40 thoughts on “Photo Fun Friday with Olive

  1. Cats may not appreciate the “unflattering” ones, but humans sure love ’em. Since humans can’t possibly compete with cats on any level (except maybe opening cans) perhaps it’s their lame way of trying to level the field a bit. ;-)

  2. Olive, you are very similar in coloring to my cat Misty. I used to have a white cat like Sophie. His name was Ralph (The Mouth). I don’t know who is more beautiful, but you argue your case well.

  3. You both are beauties but in different ways! How’s that for a “politically correct” comment?!?! HAHAHA Seriously though, I don’t have to worry about my Mom taking unflattering photos of me – I’m an only cat so anything I do is “golden” as far as Mom is concerned. No post is UNCUTE, no look I give her is UNCUTE – I can’t lose!

    Love, Sammy

  4. Olive, you are such a pretty tortie. We love torties here since we have three of them. But Sophie looks like a character. You all have a wonderful week end.

  5. Well you’re both extraordinarily beautiful, but you know my soft spot for torties :)

  6. You are very bootyful Olive. And bein’ da baby fur so many years me has to say Sophie is very purretty too, even ifin she’s a pain in your behind. She just wants to be like you, trust me, me knows these things. MOL Good luck on da election. Me hasn’t heard ’bout this, so me will have to check it out. Have a great weekend.

    Luv ya’


  7. I was just thinking about how beautiful you are in your pictures before I read your full post mol! Very stunning. Although, your sister is lovely too. ;)

  8. You are so funny Olive! You made me laugh and laugh and brightened my day. I also checked out Feline Opines important announcement. Congratulations on your selection as Oliver’s running mate. Pinky and I are cheering you on!

  9. Love your pics, and your platform! Helping homeless kitties is such a great cause. :)
    You should have Sophie work on your campaign at some level, she makes you look good!

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