Catching Up with Foster Parent Heather

kittens in a cardboard boxHeather Davies is a foster parent for Toronto Cat Rescue (TCR) in Canada and has been with the group for three years. When I asked Heather how she got into fostering, she said that she wanted a way to “pay back” for the two awesome cats she adopted from TCR. She also follows Foster Dad John at The Critter Room and found him very inspiring.

Having recently taken in her 64th and 65th fosters (a.k.a the Wee Trees), Heather has had no foster fails yet – only close calls. In addition to caring for the parade of foster cats coming through, she also has two cats of her own.

Heather is a fellow blogger who runs Adventures in Cat Fostering, which is one I have followed religiously since entering the blogging world myself. After you’re done reading her profile here, you should go check out all of the cute fosters she currently has and follow her wonderful blog.

At the milk bar!

A conversation with Heather

What surprised you the most about fostering?
How much I didn’t know about cats!! I’ve had cats almost all my life and all my adult life and I’ve learned as much – or more – than I knew before.

What is the hardest part about fostering?
So.Many.Cats. TCR has a “two-cage” limit; a “cage” is whoever could be in a cage at an adoption event – queen & kittens, bonded pair, single adult. So when I’m at the limit and there are still looooooong lists of cats who need to be rescued, it’s really hard. I had to start deleting the lists without even looking if I was full.

The picture on the right shows one of the new Wee Trees (Cherry) with one of the “older” foster kittens (Birch), who is one of the Original Trees
(all are named after trees).

What do you think most non-cat people would be surprised to learn about fostering?
The infinitely different personalities (and needs) of cats. Many non-cat people think “they’re all the same”.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about fostering?
Do it! It’s not always easy, but it’s always rewarding and the need is so great!

Foster Cat Percy. This just in – Percy has been adopted!
Read more about that here.

How much litter and food do you think you go through on a weekly basis?
Too much variety to guess. Weaned kittens put it waaay up there. With my largest group of kittens (eight!) I was going through a case of 24 cans of Royal Canin babycat in less than two weeks – plus kibble! And there were four adult cats as well.

How do the cats in your household feel about you fostering?
The resident cats aren’t the biggest fans. ;-)

Heather’s cats Jonesy and Murphy

What’s a fun stat you can share?
The most cats and kittens I had at once in my small one-bedroom condo was 12! That was something.

Do you have a favorite foster story to share?
I have a couple. But Hamish was my nearest foster fail. Love that little dude!

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
I hold a masters swimming record for an open water swim in Lake Huron.

two kitten faces

Thank you to Heather for sharing her story with us and for taking in and caring for foster cats and kittens! Be sure to follow her blog to keep up-to-date on her fosters. Up next from Heather, she will share Hamish’s story with us, so stayed tuned.

Are you a foster parent? Know someone who fosters? Contact Us to let us know! We’d love to share their story.

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23 thoughts on “Catching Up with Foster Parent Heather

  1. Thanks for introducing Heather and talking about fostering. My co-op only allows one small pet and Pinky has firmly claimed that spot forever, otherwise I would make arrangements to get her a foster sister today. In the meantime, I will enjoy Heather’s adventures by following her blog!

  2. I so admire those who foster. With eight of my own, I just cannot do it. Thanks for introducing us to Heather. I cannot believe with the number of kitties she has fostered, that she has never had a “fail.” Amazing willpower!

  3. Heather sounds like an amazing lady!!! I’m off to check out her blog right now!

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